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everything “evolves” not that the naysayers like yourself will do any different as they have always been doing.

but there are other people who will adapt to new ways of doing things – either because its new or they simply have a better appreciation for new tech as it is released into the new market.

it to will evolve as time goes by.
this is totally unavoidable – its called progress.

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  • Idolmaster Seals Otaku Fates:
    Hmmm good one, lets ask one of the moderators if they are available so that folks can leave stamps of Sankaku all over the place, in public places and all over other people’s automobiles and stuffs!! I can just picture lurking around preschools and stamping loli as they arrive in the morniks

  • Idolmaster Seals Otaku Fates:
    no dumbass you stamp dat stamp on you paper money bills to spread the devotion of your loins to the ignorant masses!

  • Idolmaster Seals Otaku Fates:
    Do lieks a lots – MUST ORDER NAO!!

  • Scandalous Cast-Off Panty Figure:
    yur lucky de poster of de artecle didn’t add a bushy bush of black furs onto her crotch in the final pic’cha fer yur ‘hnnnnnnn-ing’ pleasure!

  • Scandalous Cast-Off Panty Figure:
    mebe she should have a redder neck?


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