Top 25 Seiyuu With The Best Voices


Anime fans have sought to find the female seiyuu with the best voice, demonstrating definitively that supreme voice acting talent and the most idol-esque of looks do not often go hand in hand – and the fact that their first choice not only has a boyfriend but actually married him certainly disproves the popular seiyuu otaku theory which holds that an intact hymen is essential to a seiyuu’s performing abilities…

The ranking:

1. Miyuki Sawashiro

2. Kana Hanazawa

3. Eri Kitamura

4. Rie Kugimiya

5. Haruka Tomatsu

6. Kanae Ito

7. Yoko Hikasa

8. Yui Horie

9. Yukari Tamura

10. Nana Mizuki

11. Aki Toyosaki

12. Yuka Iguchi

13. Mamiko Noto

14. Ayana Taketatsu

15. Yukana

16. Chiwa Saito

17. Chihara Minori

18. Aoi Yuuki

19. Kana Asumi

20. Shizuka Itou

21. Rina Satou

22. Yui Ogura

23. Maaya Sakamoto

24. Emiri Katou

25. Minako Kotobuki


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