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I can’t believe Sasami/Pretty Sammy is only #44 on the list and her nemesis/reluctant ally Pixy Misa doesn’t appear at all.

The PRETTY SAMMY OVA’s and TV series (MAGICAL PROJECT S in America) were pretty much the first anime productions to capitalize on the allegedly-unintended popularity of SAILOR MOON amongst the older male otaku demographic. I seriously doubt there’d be a NANOHA or MADOKA if PRETTY SAMMY hadn’t paved the way.

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  • Top 25 Greatest Mahou Shoujo Ever:
    The PRETTY SAMMY OVA’s or the PRETTY SAMMY TV series (MAGICAL PROJECT S in the USA)? Because the OVA’s had a bit of out-of-place adult humor (raunchier than the rest of TENCHI MUYO other than maybe the “Night Before the Festival” OVA special) while the TV series was somewhat cleaned-up for the “Family Hour” time slot. I also prefer the TV series because the focus is on Sasami and Misao and they didn’t try and shoehorn in most other TENCHI MUYO character for anything beyond single-episode cameos …

  • Top 25 Greatest Mahou Shoujo Ever:
    Pretty Sammy’s at #44, though, sadly, Pixy Misa isn’t anywhere to be found. When I first discovered Japanese doujinshi websites, Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa were all the rage. Of course, it was 1996.

  • Top 25 Greatest Mahou Shoujo Ever:
    Third thing, where are the SAILOR MOON girls? Were they disqualified for some weird reason?

  • Top 25 Greatest Mahou Shoujo Ever:
    Also, while I adore RAILGUN, I don’t think of psychic girls as being “magical girls” in the traditional sense, though I suppose this list is mainly just girls with any type of power, even if they don’t have a baton or a frilly dress.

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  • Top 20 Most Charming Anime Siblings:
    My vote would probably be for the Minami sisters. I’d also consider voting for Non Non Biyori siblings, but I’m not sure if I’d vote for the Miyauchi sisters (three girls with huge age differences, so much that the oldest sister is the teacher of her youngest sister, in grade 1, and probably was, for a time, the teacher of her middle sister who just went off to high school) or the Koshigaya siblings (two sisters and one non-talkative eldest brother, all born within a span of only two to three …

  • Afterschool Hypnosis Club Hypnotic Indeed:
    I actually did see a web page for an actual hypnosis club in a Japanese high school once, although the reality is a lot less salacious, you know, fully-clothed girls slumped in chairs. I doubt the page is still there, I saw it at least a decade ago, but I think it was a high school in the Azabu area of Minato ward in Tokyo (re: Sailor Moon’s neighborhood, which, considering how much mind control there was in Sailor Moon, was weirdly appropriate).

  • Hypnotize My Girlfriend Quite Entrancing:
    What are the inductions like? Is there actually some semblance of a spoken-word progressive relaxation induction, perhaps with the classic swinging watch, or is it just the usual either magic hypnosis or tech hypnosis (i.e. hypnosis guns) that are common in these kinds of visual novels? The induction is the sexiest part of hypnosis as far as I’m concerned. I also like, in Japanese hypnosis AVs, where girls do normal stage hypnosis kind of stunts but with orgasms. The hypnosis videos that are …

  • Dagashi Kashi “A Total Sugar Rush!”:
    Just where did Hotaru hide that packet of donuts anyway? Her cleavage or one of several other “hiding places” on a woman? Good to see that the real-world candy/junk food brands and mascots from the manga seem to have been preserved in the anime, I guess Japanese snack food manufacturers see cooperating with this anime as a good way to boost sales (even if it’s associated with some fanservice).

  • Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea Magically Gripping:
    Oh crap, UTEA will make it a lot more complicated for long-time anime fans to recommend UTENA to anyone. “Oh yeah, Utena is a great anime. Just make sure there’s an N in the title before you click ‘play’.”


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