Comment on Ushijima Iiniku’s Taiwan “Exposure” Very Great Indeed by Kuma-Wana:

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It’s not possible. I can’t even begin to overstate how hard I would plow Ushi.

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  • Puppy Torturer Hunted:
    I would pay Isaac. I would FUCKING pay to see that. As a matter of fact, I’d help you with a nice little meat grill. Cook that bitch’s body… Let her watch me broil and sear her pieces… and feed it to her before inbred teeth are removed. Then we’d finish up by grinding her teeth into a not-so-fine sawdust like powder… Combine it with glass, and make a smoothie. Then we make her swallow it. SLOWLY. Between her bleeding fucking gums.

  • Gamer Kills Kitten:
    Never have I agreed more. I hope they throw his anal virginity against the @#$%ing wall.

  • “Why Is NTR So Creepy Yet So Hot?”:
    To each his own, I suppose. If one can harbor fantasies of being ravaged by sentient, intergalactic agriculture, then a simple “easternized” cuckoldry fetish should be nothing to the delightfully unorthodox minds of the Japanese.

  • Comiket Bans Sexy Cosplay:
    This does not bode well for Ishihara. No, seriously… It’s as if he’s begging to be assassinated by some overly-provoked otaku.

  • “And You Thought Japanese Men Looked Like Sissies…”:
    I suppose the majority of China is still pretending to be ignorant to the wonders of digital photo editing. There aren’t too many other ways to explain why these guys have Zanpaktous for chins. Then again, I can’t see why Shoujo devotees are joining in on the gag… These guys are the closest thing to a 3D “bishie”, and it’s absolutely terrifying.


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