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Sharon Apple my ass. It’s Miku where it’s at!

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  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    Bacon-raped hot dog…

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    One of these days, I will learn to proofread my comments. Today is not that day, however. [quote]…Being a low memory system I went with FF [i]because it used less memory and[/i] because it doesn’t require you to explicitly uncheck the “please spy on me” checkboxes.”[/quote]

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    @01:00 On my parents’ computer and I cannot honestly determine weather Firefox or Chrome run smoother. Being a low memory system, I went with FF simply because it doesn’t require you to explicitly uncheck the “please spy on me” checkboxes.

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    IE9 still has the worst standard compliance compared to all the modern browsers. It may not mean much to you, but to web developers it’s a maintenance nightmare and it takes away valuable development time that could have otherwise gone into features of your favorite websites.

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    *American* There’s your problem. They manage to fuck up 11 out of 10 anime they put their hands in.

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    Nah, the enemies are boring, plots are disney tier ,and they fucked up Mirage. Macross Disposable.

  • Rem & Ram Cosplay Astoundingly Well-Maid:
    Or just watching the anime?

  • Fully Loaded Miss Fortune Cosplay:
    What’s that retard shit about?! “false illusions must be corrected”- yeah, because the objective of cosplay has NOTHING to do with looking as much like a convincing realistic representation of the character as possible. Jesus fuck, do you go to the movies and bitch that they suck because “it’s all special effects”? Do you think Lou Ferrigno painted green made a better Hulk than Mark Ruffalo (or even Edward Norton) because “he’s not made with fake-ass CG shit”? Get some fucking perspective will …

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    well she is a manga illustrator and that style is the most common, but also the most efficient and clean way of drawing digitally. what do you expect her to be using an ink pen and paper

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    How to get eggs looking that good on ramen?


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