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Sharon Apple my ass. It’s Miku where it’s at!

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  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    Bacon-raped hot dog…

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    One of these days, I will learn to proofread my comments. Today is not that day, however. [quote]…Being a low memory system I went with FF [i]because it used less memory and[/i] because it doesn’t require you to explicitly uncheck the “please spy on me” checkboxes.”[/quote]

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    @01:00 On my parents’ computer and I cannot honestly determine weather Firefox or Chrome run smoother. Being a low memory system, I went with FF simply because it doesn’t require you to explicitly uncheck the “please spy on me” checkboxes.

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    IE9 still has the worst standard compliance compared to all the modern browsers. It may not mean much to you, but to web developers it’s a maintenance nightmare and it takes away valuable development time that could have otherwise gone into features of your favorite websites.

  • Chrome Touts Hatsune Miku:
    *American* There’s your problem. They manage to fuck up 11 out of 10 anime they put their hands in.

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  • Shimakaze Ero-Cosplay by Dango Gloriously Flat:
    Dude, you fuckin rock. Thanks for these.

  • Hundred Dripping With Service:
    I ponder why LNs or these animes are even selling anymore when 90% of them are basically clones of each other. Even the otakus gotta be sick of the same shit over and over at some point right? Saying that making something fresh and original is difficult is understandable, giving absolutely zero effort into trying to distinguish yourself is not. This is just wasting the animation studios the budget and manpower they could’ve used for something more innovative and more profitable.

  • Hundred Dripping With Service:
    i dont care the reason they put females into these bathing suits and hoeboots, after you grow out of puberty it just looks weird and after the 26th show does it to cater to the ‘fans’, it’s just god damn boring.

  • Top 10 Most Useless Starter Pokemon:
    Yeah, the list’s name should be something like “the worst to the best starter pokemon”

  • Asuka Langley Cosplay Entrancingly Elegant:
    Amen. Nice model but goddamn, don’t call it Asuka without red hair.


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