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Well said, both of you.

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  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    I’m pretty sure Natsu doesn’t want to find the dragon that is his ‘dad’ to kill him. Same with the other dragon slayers. It’s true though, FT is full of mini-arcs and fan-service.

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    well i wouldnt say there isnt a main story line for fairy tail like i mean its abt natsu being a dragon slayer and dragons going missing on the same day year and month. so heres a thought that the dragon slayers haf to go find the dragons and kill them i dunno just a thought.

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    Not really – One Piece has more sales then the other top EIGHT competitors. Pirates > Wizards + Ninjas + Exorcists + Food + Mangakas + Samurai

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    One piece will always be the one in my heart.

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    you;re all crap

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  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Okay LN readers, how much longer is this cycle of torture going to continue before we start to get somewhere? I love this series but this is becoming hard to watch.

  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Supposedly next ep is titled “From Zero” and that corresponds to a major turnaround in the novels. We’ll see.

  • Macross Delta Shamelessly Sexy:
    Prob you kids never see the firts macross or only see in FAST MODE, and are only a hypster who never understand the plot of Macross the SPACE OPERA, who have various themes about culture shock, coming of age, technology, space fold, and other varios themes about, not only put Idols showing meat KIDS. This macross is the classic show who you say “change time” full of cliches, full of fanservice…bravo misters hypsters.

  • Bunny Girl DVa Cosplay Exceptionally Cute:
    I wouldn’t call Koreans a master race. They just found a good niche for their degenerated abilities. Just like a dung beetle is good at rolling shit, so are Koreans good at playing starcraft. The rest of us can just acknowledge that and move on, not like it matters.

  • Top 10 Anime Girls & Boys You’d Take To A Matsuri:
    Hmm Sheryl for me is tons ok.


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