Comment on Goddess of 2ch: “Behold the Raging Falcon!” by Naru:

Damn hearts. but kinda getting old nothing new just girls parading around naked… lost my train of thought.

Must delete history

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  • “Your Room Is A Window Onto Your Soul”:
    Wow, Pic 11 is impressive. talk about money lol. but some of those i think can fit my room 10fold =[ But some of those are not correct i saw exercise equipment in one of the otaku’s rooms so its not correct!! That and there is probably a Dead idol or seiyuu somewhere under the crap in some of those images my god learn to clean up!!!

  • Judge “Whipped Disabled Daughter for Game Downloads”:
    Also to add to me comment. This is why children later in life grow up and horrifically murder there parents. after seeing this id gladly give her the chainsaw. well something like that.

  • Judge “Whipped Disabled Daughter for Game Downloads”:
    Thanks to the power of the internet his adress and details have been hacked. he will now be found dead in HARDCORE S N M bondage, oh sweet irony. to be honest he needs to die slowly while someone beats him saying get on your stomach etc all the shit he said to her.

  • Sexy Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay:
    i want to kick the guy in the middle at the end through the window they are standing in front of. well i think its a window *hopes* the first images were really really good shame the gallery got filled with shit…

  • Sunny Lin’s Boa Hancock Cosplay Unbearably Sexy:
    kinda disapointing. 20 images in the same pose in what 30 places? moving on now lol


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