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If you didn’t have kids and family few hundred years ago around 16-17, you were a loser.

But then again – when people living beyond 30 were considered very lucky – the world had more common sense in context of sex, marriages and so on.

Funny thing, our evolution obviously didn’t keep up with medical science, unfortunately – all religious and moral nutter groups, and lawyers/politicians sucking their cocks certainly did…

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  • Mikakunin Sultry Onsen BD Bathing:
    In many cases it’s more distracting and/or disgusting than explicit steam/mosaic/bars/whatever. The latter at least sends “we wanted to show you, but couldn’t due to our pre-ww1 pseudolaw” The former sends mostly “we’re fine with censoring everything”

  • Shingeki no Kyojin Sales “Second Only To One Piece”:
    Better question is – from all those millions of copies, how little is the author’s income compared to greedy publishers ? :p

  • “Porn Star” Teacher Busted for Uncensored AV:
    We’re talking about japanese constitution vs. japanese penal code. Mosaics/blurs/etc. are the effect of article 175 of JPC which was created in 1907 (and partially the reason of that were victorian influences – so if anyone external is to blame – it’s GB). In typical japanese fashion 175 is a vaguely worded two-liner that can be used as anyone sees fit. /It is/ in opposition to constituion (article 21), but these days consitutions (japanese or any other one) are just glorified pieces of toilet …

  • “Porn Star” Teacher Busted for Uncensored AV:
    Americans didn’t write this in their constitution. Quite the contrary actually (constitution explicitly forbids any censorship).

  • Sankaku Complex Banned by Russia:
    Congratulations !


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