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If you didn’t have kids and family few hundred years ago around 16-17, you were a loser.

But then again – when people living beyond 30 were considered very lucky – the world had more common sense in context of sex, marriages and so on.

Funny thing, our evolution obviously didn’t keep up with medical science, unfortunately – all religious and moral nutter groups, and lawyers/politicians sucking their cocks certainly did…

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    Isn’t it like in every other country ? Only focus is different.

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    Common sense doesn’t apply to Japan. Only mindless, spineless and uncoditional obedience towards: – someone elder – someone above Usually both at the same time. Thus we have some random retarded or a tiny set of retards – usually very old and completely lost in modern world – doing those nonsenses. At least in the rest of the world they are sometimes challenged for the sheer idioticy of their ideas. But in Japan ? …

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