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@ Anon 9:42 – Satan and God are my homies, I can fap all I want to lolis and Kirino and I still win :D

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Loli Imouto Paradise:
    Hey slayer, you know why Enki’s forgotten? Its because he is pathetic and doesn’t deserve any followers AT ALL. Fuck, he can go suck cocks and no one will give a fucking shit because he FAILs. But then again, this is really quite fitting. A failure of a god worshiped by a being that is lower than dirt itself.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Loli Imouto Paradise:
    I see Slayer545-bitch is back to get owned by Artefact and the rest of Sancom. Really Slayer, do you enjoy getting comment raped by Sancom so much? Go back to MAL or where the fuck you spawned from and make a good Yaoi with the rest of the dumbasses there. Oh and, CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL :D

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    To all you AKB-anons here, I call dibs on Yukirin! <3

  • AKB Idols Offer To Have Fan Babies For Cash:
    I laugh at the 2ch creepy Otakus calling the AKB otakus creepy :3 And on the topic of this (ridiculously hilarious idea that only the most insane of minds could’ve thought of): Imma so spending my money on this application :D

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    Oh the irony of the 2 fractions….. Imma apologize if I came across as an elitist with my post there. But it was still fun answering :)

  • Otaku Learn Aki Toyosaki Lives with Boyfriend: “Yui is Dead!”:
    I really don’t know which is more pathetic. These raging idiots, or the sad-fucks from the previous AKB48 article…… Ah, screw it. Both of these kinds of ‘otakus’ fail.

  • Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever:
    Now why didn’t I notice this post before?… Anyways, I laugh at your logic because it is so very wrong. A Lame Tsundere? Right right, real sorry Kirino did not pander to your generic Tsundere clone. Seriously, Kirino is awesome because of her 99.99999999999999% tsun-ness, it what makes Kirino….Kirino lol. Even Kyousuke knows this. Lame fashion? Only to you. In my eyes, Kirino looks good in anything she chooses to wear for any occasion. She doesn’t need to ‘change’ because she has the innate …


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