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i think i love her!!!

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  • Gate Tatakaeri “Reality & Fiction Collide!”:
    Japanese display nationalism. Americans display patriotism. Difference is summed up as such: “Patriotism is when a man loves his own country more than other countries; Nationalism is when a man hates other countries more than his own.” No one will be caught burning the union jack in the states during 4th of july. In contrast, with all the ignorance of japs who are throwing harassment at koreans and chinese who were victims of rapist genocidal imperialist jap invasion of ww2, you can clearly see …

  • To Love-Ru Darkness As Unprincipaled As Ever:
    We got a new trend you fucktard. It’s REINCARNATION IN TO FANTASY WORLD rehashes.

  • Ranpo Kitan Vivid Murder Mystery Anime:
    human furniture, welp, that’s fucked up.

  • Gate Tatakaeri “Reality & Fiction Collide!”:
    Hey, hey, fucking retard. You are the garbage. They have all right to be proud of their military too, just like how murrica always shits on all Axis countries and depicts themselves as some kind of heroes.

  • Top 20 Seiyuu Singers:
    Yui Horie only at 18th ? so sad … I never heard Saori Hayami


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