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Aya Hirano: “I Can’t Make Any New Music!”


Slatternly seiyuu Aya Hirano seems to be complaining that her evil record company masters are preventing her from making any new music.

In a series of remarks on Twitter, she reveals that she will not be able to record any new music or appear live for at least the duration of 2011.

Her only 2011 release seems likely to be a mere “best hits” compilation, due in April.

“There’ll be no live events to go with the album, nor any new songs or touring, for the same reason. Sorry if you were looking forward to them – I wanted to do them too.


My only scheduled release for this year is the best hits compilation. Unless the situation changes quite a bit I won’t be allowed to do anything musical.”

This is all thought to be the result of contractual or agency issues, although she has not revealed exactly what is going on.

If true, it is something of a blow considering her career now appears to be limited to appearing on trashy variety shows and making inflammatory comments on Twitter.

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