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Thinking in a neutral view, in Japan the unhealthy food costs more, not for the real monetary cost, but the real proportion of calories. I’ve seen the pizza deliveries websites and I’m amazed of how much calories they have. (Many times the fat that they have here in Chile, and I can ensure you, these ones are butter with mass.

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    Akamatsu said that he wouldn’t cut the series suddenly, but obviously the contradicted himself. The only one idea that comes to my mind, is himself having a HUGE issue with the editorial. And if that’s the thing, i also think that might be an issue with J-comi. I expect Akamatsu trying to solve this plot inconsistency making a new series, and… who knows, maybe launching it in his platform (I’d bet some bux that he actually would win quite more money by the web’s ads, than publishing with any …

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    You want no immigration? Then start damn fucking like bunnies!!!

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    That video is so damn right…

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    I thought that Japanese investigators and forensics were dumbasses only in series like Detective Conan, but seems I’m being too gullible… Talking about Conan, where the eff is he?!?!

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    If we are free to do whatever we want with our lives, what makes us superior to Hirano Aya that she can’t have a life? I’d love to troll the zealots’ answers to this question in 2ch


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