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Hah, I just noticed that now thanks to you.

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  • Rurouni Kenshin Returns:
    From what I saw in the linked preview, it looks like they’re basically rehashing an already good Shishio arc (at the least) with flashier drawing. I don’t know what they expect to get even from the niche audience type guys with it. I’d rather they include a proper ending (has any anime lately provided any good endings lately?) or not remake this at all (never watched the anime end nor read the manga).

  • K-ON!! Episode Three: The Melancholy of Ritsu Tainaka:
    Re: Classmate-san Ha at “The cake is a lie” “What kind of positive thinking is this…” Sometimes I think the only reason I watch any of these is to see how everyone else reacts. Something about all those w’s overloading the display…

  • Fictional Women “Have Human Rights”:
    I thought you said politicon there, you made it sound especially seething.

  • Fictional Women “Have Human Rights”:
    If only you could break the +1.0 quality barrier… That and my browser crashed trying to rate you up. Whatever happened to “I’ll drink what I drink, you can have yours as long as you don’t force your religious suggestion down my throat…” People these days have become too sensitive, too scared that what they see in fiction will happen in reality. Maybe these people don’t trust their society to be good natured? Have they succumbed to paranoia? (Now that I think of it, this sounds an awful like …

  • Sankaku Complex Browser Search:
    For the longest time I’ve been using Opera to start off my Channel searches – usually when I come across an image I want a higher res of (if I only saved a preview before) or to see if there are any TL notes I’d do “chan md5:alphanumericetc” (chan being the nick I gave the Opera search) and I’d be just about there. Works with danbooru and gelbooru too. Though lately, I’m trying out (loser browser) Safari for its unparalleled image embedded ICC profile support (Firefox, though, is pretty good in …


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