Mother Sells 1-Year-Old Daughter for Sex


A mother has been arrested for selling her 1-year-old daughter to a man for him to sexually assault, an act which she watched over.

The woman, a part-time worker resident in Tokyo, came to know an unemployed 46-year-old man by way of an online dating site, where he was apparently looking for woman of the right age to have small children.

She proceeded to send him indecent pictures of her daughter, subsequently agreeing to let him take the baby home to sexually assault for ¥20,000.

Her motherly concern for her daughter’s welfare did however extend to insisting the man have his way with the child in her presence, saying “she’s only little so I can’t let her out of my sight.”

The act came to light after police investigated pornographic images of her daughter she had sent to the man. Police arrested them on the basis of these images, but they were apparently released and rearrested later in the month after the sexual assault itself came to light.

The man, who was found to have a large number of similar images in his possession, admitted his guilt, saying “I’ve had an abnormal interest in small children for some time.”

The girl’s mother bluntly explained her willingness to sell her daughter to him, telling police “I wanted money” and “I was having difficulty with living costs.”

Via Sankei.


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