“Honest” Robber Demands $100, Gets $150, Returns $50


A man who robbed a convenience store with a knife is being praised for his integrity after he gave back ¥5,000, having asked for ¥10,000 and received instead ¥15,000.

The robber (20) entered the store and menaced the man at the counter with a knife, demanding ¥5,000. The luckless store employee complied, handing over a ¥5,000 note.

Deciding that this was not enough, the robber then demanded an additional ¥5,000. This time, the employee handed over a ¥10,000 note, leaving the robber with ¥15,000.

This being more than he demanded, the robber politely returned ¥5,000, and then made good his escape.

As he had been filmed by security cameras the whole time and had only one hour before asked directions of a nearby police officer, he was soon tracked down and charged with robbery.

He admits the charge, saying simply “I wanted money.” Police are candid: “For only ¥10,000, what an idiot.”

He has been called an “honest thief”, but police are none too kind in response: “It’s theft so there’s no way it’s honest. He was a queer one alright. And he was a right fool for getting caught like this.”

Via ZakZak.

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