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Wikipedia Third Most Trusted Site in Japan


Recent research conducted by Yahoo suggests Wikipedia is the third most trusted source of information for the Japanese, being beaten only by newspapers and radio, and managing to beat TV.

The survey can be taken as demonstrating that the authoritative nature of the traditional mass media (in Japan at least) is being gradually eroded.

Search engines and portal sites also placed strongly. After that came company homepages, specialist forums, Q&A sites, magazines and video sharing sites, which managed to do much better than personal blogs, social networking services and “3D virtual worlds”, which they closely resemble.

By far the least trusted medium was that of “general bulletin boards”, probably thanks to 2ch (although it is not clear whether parts of 2ch would qualify as “specialist”).

The survey itself was conducted nationally using the answers of a thousand participants, aged 15-59.

Via Narinari.

Whilst the various international Wikipedias tend to concentrate their revision activity on topics of incredible controversy and volatility, in the Japanese edition the most recently published revision statistics indicated the most edited articles to overwhelmingly be concerned with anime, games, Gundam and similar…

Probably the absence of highly partisan editorial cliques concerned with these subjects ensures the Japanese edition lacks the battlefield atmosphere of so many English Wikipedia articles.


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