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Since when was the internet ever owned by anyone?

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  • Failed Exam Answers:
    Most of these answers were done with such genius and wit that the thought of these being answered by stupid students is nonetheless defamatory- stupid students don’t come up with smart, creative answers such as these. It takes a bright student to make a joke out of a question they so happen to not have the proper answers for. It also goes to show that Malaysia needs to work harder in order to be recognised a little bit more in the world compared to Singapore.

  • Father Faces 15 Years for Kissing Daughter:
    That is why you should marry your own kind. Interracial relationships will always lead to misunderstandings and the impurity of race. Just kidding. Anyway, the growing strength of public scrutiny is a double edged sword. Sure, it does show that the society is actually showing concern and are active to combat these forms of crime, but at the same time innocent people are at risk. No longer can you innocently show your affection for your own child, nor can the child do the same in a society where …

  • Father: “I Will Breastfeed My Kids”:
    Although this may look bizarre, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, those who consider this as sick ought to look a little deeper. Is he hurting the child? No. Is he giving the child nutrition? Yes. Should only mothers be allowed to care for their children? What about single fathers? Fathers should have the right to care for their children as much as mothers do. There is an increasing trend of pro-feminism in family relationships that it is downright ridiculous. Men should …

  • Shota Pays $600 for Loli Toilet Sex:
    The real reason why they are charging him with such a ridiculous sentence is because they do not have any other laws equipped to deal with this problem. He is a minor himself, and therefore should be punished according to laws attributed for minors. He can have a crush on a girl her age, he can kiss a girl her age at a junior prom, but having sex before the legal age is just too much.

  • Urasora Traced:
    Okay, so drawing an accurate depiction of the earth is an infringement of copyright from God.


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