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Shooting Witches – Strike Witches Games (Download)


The second, of what could hopefully be a long line of unofficial Strike Witches shooting games, has been released. It is a vertically scrolling shoot ’em up in the modern style of Touhou and the like, and quite entertaining, so give it a try if you are so inclined. I have also included the first, which is a side scroller, more basic, but with more pantsu.

The most recent game is mirrored here.

Instructions: unzip and run the exe. For best results, play with a joypad, but if you are lacking one, you can also play with the arrow keys and the ‘Z’ key (fire). ‘V’ pauses, enter goes fullscreen, and escape quits.

The complete controls:

A: Shoot.

B: Magic Shield (usable with the gauge at max, replenishes naturally, faster when not firing).

L: Speed up while button is pressed.

R: Speed down.

The game’s official homepage is here, as well as the offical download, with the creator going by the name of モリハマカルテ / Morihamakarute.

The first, but more basic, game is now lost in the oblivion 2ch threads go to, but I have managed to rescue a copy, which you are welcome to download here.

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