Yutaka Tanaka – Master of Sentimental & Erotic Manga


This is 田中ユタカ/Yutaka Tanaka. His stories tend to be more sentimental than the norm – or perhaps they are normal and the unsympathetic treatment is not. Anyway, they are full of warmth. He is extremely prolific (in fact there is a suggestion several authors use the same pen name, or at least that plenty of assistants are involved). You may also be familiar with the erotic anime adaptation of Virgin Night (初夜), based on his work. He has a slew of normal (non-H) manga published as well, but I am concentrating on the H part of his portfolio here.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 22, 2009 22:18

    Where can I find those scanlations? I'm specially interested in Shiawase Ecchi...... More

  • heyjey commented on February 8, 2009 08:39

    I wish there were more Hentai mangas like these. I love a good mix of sex and romance. Somewhat like 70-80% romance and the rest sex is perfect for me.... More


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