Yukkuri Invasion Force Sighted


These photos, if genuine, point to the realisation of the Touhou Takeover foretold so long ago. Nowhere is safe if Touhou continues its exponential growth…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2011 12:07

    Saw a bit of Touhou merchandise at Animazement 2011. Not much, but certainly some.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 29, 2011 21:19

    I, For one, Welcome our new Yukkuri overlords.... More

Touhou NEET! Shirts Selling Like Hot Cakes


A release of 4 different Touhou shirts depicting the yukkuri meme are enjoying respectable popularity in Akiba.

At present the most popular of these is the NEET! t-shirt, as it is the only one of the four that has so far required a restocking. You can see the originator of this particular meme here.

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  • Ben commented on November 7, 2010 11:19

    It is rather stylish.... More

  • GreasyWeeabooVirgin commented on June 5, 2010 02:44

    Neat. :l... More


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