Sea of Miracles – Lodoss vs Vocaloid


Record of Lodoss War fans will doubtless already be familiar with the legendary opening song 奇跡の海 / Kiseki no Umi / Sea of Miracles; anyone who isn’t familiar can of course listen to it below. But all will likely be interested to hear that the song has been given a variety of interesting alternative Vocaloid versions, the best of which you can compare below:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 29, 2008 04:58

    Thankyou for this article - I've become quite addicted to the Vocaloid versions, so much so that I've ripped to MP3 and will add to my normal music playlists. Something about the electronic voices clearly appeals... More

  • silvver commented on November 20, 2008 07:42

    usually I like miku songs, but this one is horrible... The original version >>>>> all. The rest are just offence for Lodoss - the great, fantasy anime.... More


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