Yotsuba&! Wallpapers


Here are some fine よつばと! / Yotsuba&! wallpapers, in suitably high quality and resolution. See also the Channel. Not enough Ena and Miura, though delicious Fuuka makes ample appearances.

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    delicious fuka... More

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    Hey, it's the 404-girl! lol... More

Yotsuba & 7-11: Fuuka & Danbo


As if swimwear Fuuka and Ena weren’t enough, Yotsuba&! fans now have 7-11 Fuuka and 7-11 Danbo (Miura in a cardboard robot suit), both released as promotional limited run to promote 7-11’s online store (7-11 being the leading convenience store chain in Japan). Fuuka even gets one of her terrible T-shirts as an extra.

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    haha. yes i would fuck the shit out of her.... More

Yotsuba & Zetsubou


Irresistibly combining Yotsuba-to characters (and animated too) with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s excellent OP (including the inexplicable shibari parts; bound Fuuka, etc. present), this video really caught my eye; behold, Yotsuba & Zetsubou!

For good measure, similar Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei crossover OPs are included below as well; let us dub them “The Zetsubou Master” (Idol Master), and “Sayonara Touhou” (Touhou).

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    Oops... sorry worong link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW7trg_UXxI... More

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    Here's another another Sayonara Touhou. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF8MrKboiqs It's fully animated. (Sorry don't have nico link.)... More

Mizugi Ena & Fuuka: A Closer Look


More details than last, in fact interesting sample reviews, of the new mizugi Ena and Fuuka figures, of Yotsuba&!, emerge; and what fine specimens they are. In particular, the simple character illustration of Yotsuba-to seems to lend itself quite well to these similarly simple (and consequently inexpensive) figures. Still waiting for Miura deboxed…

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    "MMM. Fuuka's thighs are delicious ;D" Fixed.... More

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    haha fuuka's thighs are fat :D... More

Yotsuba&! Figure – Ena Swimsuit


Finally Ena Ayase, of Yotsuba&!, gets proper figure treatment in the form of this fine looking figure, overshadowing mizugi Fuuka announced not so long ago, although the pair are intended as a set; Ena is also capable of casting off her everyday clothes, becoming the frighteningly appealing striped swimming suit Ena you see below, in which case Julietta can be replaced by a towel.

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    THIS IS FOR KIDS... More

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    Ena figure omgomomgomgomgomgomgomgomg... More

Thighs of Fuuka Provoke Sellout


The latest edition of 新生電撃大王 / Shinsei Dengeki Daioh magazine has apparently provoked something of an availability crisis with the prominently displayed thighs of Fuuka – the shelves are as bare as her fine thighs, and a restock is apparently in order.

Of course, we might also be led to think less charitably that it was the enormous thickness of the tome, or it being packed with such notable artists as Naruko Hanaharu, rather than the presence of such a notable Yotsuba&! character which prompted the brisk sales… Via AkibaBlog.

  • LanceRayne commented on October 5, 2009 23:01

    I would buy fer the cover... hehe however I live in the US, so shes not as meaty as you think.. just got some flesh to grab onto... More

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    count me in... More

Yotsuba&! Figure – Fuuka Swimsuit

Yotuba&! Figure – Fuuka Swimsuit - image by GA

Yotsuba-to fans such as myself, as well as practically anyone who enjoys swimwear sporting figures, may be interested to see this upcoming Fuka figure, looking to be very authentically realised, and highly tasteful. Release is due at the start of September.

Yotsuba and box sporting Miura figures are already quite notable, so this comes as an interesting addition. Next up, boxless Miura and Ena figures? We can but hope. See the rest of the photos, and much more if you are of a mind, at this extensive look at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008.

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    i gots it ^^ i love it too... More

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    I wish they make a poseable Fuka figure...... More



Sasuke-chan learns the truth about Itachi. Spotted this rather strange but undeniably well executed Naruto/Yotsuba-to parody manga, which I took the liberty of translating; see below for the whole thing, Japanese original included as well. Via here.

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Yotsuba-to! – Ideal manga for learning Japanese?


One of my favourite manga, and in fact the first I ever read in the original Japanese, is よつばと!/Yotsuba&!, by 東清彦/Kiyohiko Azuma. It is an entertaining and easygoing manga, with good art and story, so that alone is enough to recommend it; it is a best seller in Japan so many would agree. However, I think it also happens to be the ideal beginner’s manga for learning Japanese, for several compelling reasons.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2013 08:06

    You should try shoujo manga rather than shounen because most shoujo manga tend to have school settings and tend to depict a wide range of everyday situation. I learned Japanese with Cardcaptor Sakura and Aka-chan... More

  • Karusan commented on September 26, 2010 03:37

    Thanks for the tip, Artefact. How long after you began your studies were you able to read this manga? It would be interesting to read more about how you (and others) went about it to learn... More


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