Emily Jones Cosplay Fully Loaded


Emily Jones (the unofficial gender swapped version of Hetalia’s America) has finally gotten her time in the spotlight as one pretty cosplayer gives her a western spin, bound to have stimulated males wishing that the wild girl would ride them instead of the horse.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 17, 2016 01:09

    She needs a bit more meat on her thighs, but other than that, fappable!... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 16, 2016 20:20

    So you got a professional cameraman, a location, a real horse but you couldn't even get real gloves n shit? Wth... More

Sexy Black Lagoon Revy Big Cowgirl Version


Black Lagoon’s trigger happy heroine Revy gets her latest figure incarnation courtesy of A-Label, depicting her in a revealing cowboy outfit and presented in relatively gigantic 1/4 scale.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 8, 2010 20:45

    Her normal outfit looks so much better/sexier then this stuff though. Seems almost needless on so many different levels..... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 5, 2010 15:09

    meh DO NOT WANT!... More

Trigun The Movie Announced


Classic “cyber SF western” anime Trigun is set to return with a theatrical anime in the spring of 2010.

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  • GregHerbert commented on December 6, 2010 17:14

    Long Live REAL ANIME like Trigun!... More

  • GregHerbert commented on December 6, 2010 17:13

    God I Hope not, lol.... More


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