Way of the Samurai 3


The official site for 侍道3 / Way of the Samurai 3 opened recently and the game revealed is an interesting one; it is due for a Japanese release on the PS3 in the autumn, though there is no word yet on an international release, though it seems likely enough. For those unfamiliar with the series, Way of the Samurai is a non-linear free roaming action game set in Tokugawa era Japan, with a focus on story and sword action. The previous games were both rather good.

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  • J commented on July 15, 2009 03:12

    Sick, gotta get a ps3 now... More

  • Kev commented on December 17, 2008 02:00

    Argh I wish I can afford a PS3. I spent so many hours in WoS2 crafting swords (mostly resetting to get those +x). The ability to genuflect intrigues me.... More


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