Wii Anime Download Service


The Nintendo Wii is set to get a Video On Demand service this December, called みんなのシアター Wii / Wii Theatre for Everyone, and developed by Fujisoft, with anime and movies to be available via streaming download. Each episode is projected to cost from 100-400 Wii Points (or ¥100-400), and the WiiWare itself another ¥500.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 23, 2011 13:49

    You can always watch anime from Netflix. Available on all next gen gaming consoles. I have it on my Xbox 360, and my friend has it on her Nintendo Wii. And for $7-8 U.S. per month, it's a... More

  • will commented on March 29, 2009 22:53

    thats the problem im worring about also... i want to play on my american wii but will it be the same as japans...... More


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