Kami no Te: “Win The Precious Air Of AKB48!”




Crane games will be arriving to smartphones courtesy of Kami no Te, a game that will supposedly send physical prizes to winners at their provided address, with one such prize being canisters of air exhaled by the idols of AKB48 – allowing even the most pathetic otaku to breath the same air as their beloved idols, second-hand though it may be like so many other things.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 3, 2016 04:32

    Don't worry, I doubt idols had anything to do with its production. More likely, it just contains chemical fumes from the factory where the containers are manufactured.... More

  • Ishmon16 commented on June 2, 2016 05:06

    ...Why?... More

Oppai UFO Catcher


UFO catchers, as the claw manipulation prize grabbing games have come to be called, usually  target appealing toys or similar, but in this case it seems a rather more direct approach has been adopted to reach out to the male demographic…

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  • HechEff commented on April 21, 2009 05:30

    Likewise ;_;... More

  • Junkujanai commented on March 27, 2009 10:27

    >:D... More


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