Fun With My Cosplaying Little Sister Highly Lascivious




A lusty new cosplay AV entitled “Camera Fun With My Cosplaying Little Sister” has demonstrated Tsugumi Mutou’s prowess for cosplay as well as her penchant for exaggerated sex-for-camera, bound to appease fans of the characters not on display in any official capacity at all (to say nothing of the “incest”).

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  • Anonymous commented on August 12, 2015 18:15

    always. al..ways... a big blunder in doing cosplay AV. wearing a colorful wig, but the pubic hair is still BLACK. i knew few who shave theirs, but (most of) the others don't.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 12, 2015 15:12

    I believe some are paid less and treated worse, and/or are doing it out of real necessity. However, many are probably in it for a quick and easy way to earn lots of money without... More

Kannagi: Crazy Beach Maidens!


Nagi-sama and Zange-chan enjoy a spot of sultry sunbathing on the beach in this latest spot of Kannagi gravure.

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  • Ikuto commented on March 30, 2009 08:26

    i notice it!!! i <3 her!... More

  • metatron commented on March 30, 2009 02:19

    I'd vote for the other one...what's her name again? oh yeah, Tsugumi lolz... More

Nagi-sama & Zange-chan Sexy Bunny Girl Cosplay


Here we see Kannagi’s heroines Nagi-sama and Zange-chan depicted in splendid bunny girl cosplay, with Nagi-sama demurely restraining herself, whilst Zange-chan practically overflows, so ample is she…

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2009 18:52

    hahaha...i got the full b2 poster of this image XDDD... More

  • HathawayNoa commented on March 9, 2009 14:05

    Nagi-sama... those... those thighs... *hanaji*... More

Nagi Illustrates The Difference Between A-Cup & C-Cup


Nagi-sama here conducts a striking comparison of bust size between herself and an extraneous character. The work is titled “The Difference Between A & C”, though the artist speculates the girl being groped may actually be in excess of an E-cup…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 12, 2011 05:25

    Yeah I always wonder when I see these "I'm a D cup!" and they look like B's, it always confuses me. Here you look at B sized bras and they look frickin ginormous...... More

  • Onni commented on January 13, 2009 10:54

    Tsugumi, ...that was her name. Sorry I only remember DFCers.:P... More

Nagi-sama vs Zange-chan Nude Filter Showdown


The previous bikini showdown image we saw, featuring the sexy duo of Nagi-sama and Zange-chan, reemerges in its nude filter incarnation, with the deliciously flat goddess Nagi-sama facing off against the buxom Zange-chan. A third girl is also included by way of distraction.

Full image below:

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  • Anonymous commented on March 7, 2009 23:52

    LOL! It's small, Med, and endowed... LOL! Tsu-gu-mi! She's PERFECT, not too "Kansas" (I liked that comment on the other posting) and not to Everest!....... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 13, 2009 07:05

    Tsugumi has the face of a boy, i guess that's fine for some of you, but zangee and nagi own her.... More

Ishikei’s Betsujin – Kannagi Ero-Doujinshi Translated


Master doujinshika Ishikei‘s latest, and much anticipated, C75 Kannagi doujinshi has arrived, entitles “Betsujin”, and it proves something of an upset in focusing only on unknown side characters rather than heroines Nagi-sama and Zange-chan.

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  • BuggyBY commented on April 18, 2009 18:06

    I realise my comment comes with considerable delay, but quite a few ero-doujin (especially the works of STUDIO KIMIGABUCHI) include an excellent storyline, and I've been known to buy paper copies of doujins concerning series... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 6, 2009 16:37

    This doujin is nicer than you know. Noone's mentioned it yet, but the special version available at C75 was A3 in size. The copies you can find in Toranoana now are all the plainer A4... More

Super Tsugumi


The oft neglected Kannagi character Tsugumi has somehow managed to hold a starring role in this short and whimsical MAD.

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  • Garland commented on December 28, 2008 22:59

    It's less of a hassle to write on a keyboard, that's for sure. It follows along with the a i u e o logically, and once I started typing ti and tu I never looked... More

  • metatron commented on December 28, 2008 21:19

    delicious tsugumi~... More

Nagi-sama vs Zange-chan Sexy Mizugi Showdown


Once again Kannagi’s two sexy heroines are presented to us in glorious swimwear, with Nagi-sama wearing a stylish white one-piece, and Zange-chan a rather coquettish sexy bikini.

The pair are both displaying practiced gravure posing sure to go down well with fans.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 18, 2013 18:15

    Hi! I realize this is somewhat off-topic however I had to ask. Does managing a well-established website such as yours take a massive amount work? I am brand new to blogging however I do write... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 27, 2009 10:04

    susu mo naman... More

Sukumizu Nagi vs Bikini Zange-chan


Nagi-sama features in her usual A-cup glory, this time wearing school swimwear, whilst bikini sporting Zange-chan gamely exhibits some lean for the viewer, perhaps on account of her ruined balance.

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  • dark-kyon commented on May 27, 2009 04:09

    nagi-sama is the best,a-cup rulez.... More

  • Icy-nee-san commented on December 27, 2008 07:17

    Ok than i disapprove of nagi >__> Sanzenin Nagi Ojo-sama FTW Shes a real loli XD... More

Nagi-sama Sex


Probably, few would hold out the images below as examples of technically sublime illustration, but nonetheless I think that equally few could deny their charmingly erotic nature:

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  • Anonymous commented on June 25, 2010 18:15


  • dylu999 commented on June 3, 2009 16:39

    rtggawgawgaw... More

Inumimi Tsugumi Figure


Kannagi fans eager to complete the entire three-piece kemono mimi cosplay set from Kotobukiya need not wait much longer – the arrival of the last figure, Tsugumi donning inu mimi and an oversized collar, is imminent.

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  • Artefact commented on December 17, 2008 01:20

    So did I - she looks more puzzled than hugely embarrassed at being collared into a doggy outfit...... More

  • Quen commented on December 17, 2008 00:38

    I thought the same thing about the blush - her full face blush was her best feature in the original illustration, I think.... More


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