The newest issue of Keizaikai (Economic World) magazine carries the interesting headline “The Secrets of How Akihabara, The Neighborhood Prime Minster Aso Loves, Can Teach Us to Beat the Recession,” with photographs of Rozen Aso himself adorning the cover, along with images of the otaku Holy Land scattered throughout.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 20, 2010 08:52

    You do realize that fascism is extreme far-right, while socialism is mid-far left, hmm? So what is it? Don't like the right or don't like the left? Remember kids: Hitler has a right-winger, Gandhi was a... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 3, 2009 19:31

    I'm hoping manga sales will get better after the recession is over. Things are not looking good for books in America nor in Japan. Somethings got to happen to fix this problem.... More


Tora no Ana, the well known purveyor of all things otaku, is advertising a revolutionary new method of using your dakimakura – instead of merely filling the cover with a pillow as is normally done, the new idea is “to join” with the moesome girl printed on the sheet by entering her innards for what is billed as “the ultimate dakimakura experience”.

Pictures of the intended use as demonstrated with the dakimakura included in this month’s Dengeki Moeoh are included below…

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  • Ryuhouji commented on July 10, 2011 19:53

    Incredibly misleading title. I am dissapoint. (insert ugly, corny internet meme picture here) still good tho. for those without claustrophobia, that is... More

  • GreasyWeeabooVirgin commented on March 24, 2010 12:04

    What. :l... More

Strike Witches Oshiri Identification Exam


Otaku megastore Tora no Ana is marking the final DVD release of Strike Witches with this point-valued written test which tasks prospective Pantsu experts to identify the various witches only by their oshiri and pantsu (or rather, trousers), and to translate two well known phrases from the show back into Japanese from English.

A translation is given here in case you may wish to test your own pantsu prowess…

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  • Pinocchio commented on June 9, 2009 11:16

    will 1 BD enough ? ijust wonder, how many episodes can one BD hold, i'm just want to buy a certain anime in Blu-rays, but considering i never, maybe i can have some info/advice? thx... More

  • unicogirl commented on March 13, 2009 02:46

    Why do people use Pantsu instead of Pantei. When it comes to describing female undergarments? Pantsu just means Pants / Underpants.... More

Ero-Doujinshi vs Doujinshi: 2008 Ranking


The scope of doujinshi, or unofficial fan-works of existing anime, manga or game series is gigantic, generating over ¥55 Billion (over $600 Million USD) in 2007 alone.

Most otaku know one of the main reasons for the huge proliferation of doujinshi is the fan-artist’s freedom (or sometimes even the original artists) to insert the series’ characters into erotic situations that would be unthinkable in the original work.

Below is shown exactly how much of the total amount of doujinshi for different series sold at one major retailer is of the ero-kind, as opposed to the tamer brand of non-H doujinshi:

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  • Anonymous commented on February 17, 2012 06:39

    BL doesn't fall under "ero" category either.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2011 13:19

    and on to love-ru... More

Ero-Doujinshi vs Doujinshi Ranking


The world of fan made derivative works in anime, manga and games is vast, and as anybody who has pursued these works looking for something a little more erotic than is officially provided knows, a large portion of them are erotic in nature.

However, it is certainly not the case that all, or even the majority are such; a vast body of less noticed doujinshi exist, covering all manner of fan fiction. Below is reproduced an investigation of the numbers of these works published versus the number which are adult in character.

The results are instructive:

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  • shalala commented on April 12, 2009 07:45

    were can i read Dennou Coil doujinshi.... More

  • Satori commented on February 17, 2009 17:19

    If you based your research on English translations on the internet, I bet you would be hard pressed to find even one non-ero title. I actually saw some nice, cute, totally innoffensive non-ero doujinshi translated to... More

Tony Ero-Towel


A “life-size” limited edition ero-towel by Tony, featuring the image you almost see above (original image here in all its glory; it will make for an impressive towel indeed) is currently the talk amongst his fans, which seems to be everyone these days.

This is one of those cases where towel is something of a misnomer (though just what you can use it for aside from display is not clear to me, thankfully), since few would want to sully art of this calibre with their unclean flesh, to say nothing of the ¥6,300 price tag. Due September 7th, at Tora no Ana.

  • Anonymous commented on November 2, 2010 05:38

    I would run all around the beach with that \(^_^)/ like a big cape... More

  • Artefact commented on August 25, 2008 08:22

    The actual thing will be as you see in the doujin... let me fix up the wording there.... More


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