Cosplaying Witches Yoshika & Tomoko


Yoshika Miyafuji and Tomoko Anabuki (who did not make an appearance in the anime, save as a figure) appear in this charming piece of official art trying on each other’s uniforms.

Would anyone happen to know what sort of “trousers” Tomoko wears? Fundoshi, perhaps?

  • Quen commented on November 1, 2008 19:46

    Oops, I'm not terribly familiar with the characters besides some of the manga and the TV series, so didn't notice the third picture ^^; It does seem that in Strike Witches continuity Miko-dressed Witches tend towards... More

  • selkirk commented on November 1, 2008 18:59

    That third one's not Anabuki Tomoko, just another (unnamed) Strike Witch wearing a miko outfit. She has a Ki-100 Type-5 Striker, which Tomoko would never get to use since she'd be past her prime by... More


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