Mighty Sexy Birdy Cephon Altera Figure


Birdy the Mighty’s athletic protagonist Birdy Cephon Altera gets a typically erotic rendition of her in mid-cavort, with plenty of fleshy detail preserved by her skintight suit.

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  • hALOTOO commented on July 14, 2009 01:15

    I don't know,nice figure and have the money but her boobs aren't that small... More

  • King of Hentai Gods commented on July 11, 2009 09:59

    work for it bitches!... More

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode DVD: Eternal Shame Unveiled


When it was broadcast, fans were incredulous at the level of quality on display in the seventh episode of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 2, and many started to speculate that is was an artistically stylised special sequence, rather than the work of starving South Korean animators overseen by Japanese incompetents.

The newly released DVD edition puts any notion that this was anything less than a legendary debacle to rest, as the comparison below plainly illustrates what transpired throughout the entire episode:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 31, 2010 04:17

    I really enjoyed that scene in the anime to be honest. REALLY. Thought it really fit into the mood cause I mean she's just a little kid at that time and it really looks like... More

  • Unicogirl commented on November 19, 2009 18:56

    XD and it still looks crappy, even with DVD. what a shame... More

Mighty Sexy Birdy the Mighty Cosplay


A rather convincing collection of Birdy the Mighty cosplay, featuring Birdy Cephon Altera, aka Arita Shion. Interestingly, this is done not by a professional cosplayer, but by a gravure idol, Aya Kiguchi.

You may recall the set from the earlier Birdy 2D vs 3D cosplay showdown; see there for appropriately sexy 2D art.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 7, 2014 10:28


  • Anonymous commented on December 3, 2010 13:32

    DAT BACK... More

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode: 2 Supreme Quality Attained


Sexy acrobatic oppai anime Tetsuwan Birdy Decode: 2 has astonished fans by reaching a new level of animation quality. The seventh episode looks set to enter legend as a supreme expression of production quality taken to extremes:

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  • Anonymous commented on March 28, 2010 03:22

    The "low quality" scene here, as well as the similar end fight in the series, feature what seem to be hand-drawn backgrounds. The camera moves *through* complicated scenes, which is challenging to animate. ... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 27, 2010 11:52

    the guy in charge of the animation in birdy (Ryouchimo) also worked on noein, the action sequences in ep7 and 12 look very much like those in noein... go figure :>... More

Tetsuwan Birdy Pin-up


Not too much art of Tetsuwan Birdy / Birdy the Mighty seems to circulate, despite it even managing a new season, so seeing this striking study in naked bathing I though it might be interesting to introduce.

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  • unico commented on December 3, 2008 13:11

    her eyes don't look right. they don't look "warm" they just look "OMG KAWAII" big. the body is cool though.... More

  • Johnson commented on December 2, 2008 15:06

    She doesn't really look like the normal birdy. I like this artist's version a lot more. Anyone know who he/she is? They have the artist's name on the picture but it's too small to read.... More

Tetsuwan Birdy Cosplay Showdown


Here we have quite an impressive effort at cosplaying ero-gymnast Birdy Cephon Altirra, of 鉄腕バーディー / Tetsuwan Birdy / Birdy the Mighty. The results are compared below.

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  • Veknus commented on March 20, 2009 18:00

    its definitely not an easy character cosplay and costume is something that makes it very hard to move in by the most of things.... something like that is something more off a feat too pull... More

  • Veknus commented on March 20, 2009 17:58

    do you know where to get the original OVA or dl it if so send the link pelase... More

Tetsuwan Birdy New Season Confirmed


Favourably received action anime 鉄腕バーディー DECODE / Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (or Birdy the Mighty) is to get a new season, set to air in January 2009. This was announced on a staff blog, as well as at Comiket. Further details are promised later.

You may recall that the author of the source manga recently had some publication troubles, with his serialising magazine shutting up shop, so this must come as a relief to him.

Via Moon Phase.

  • Cantido commented on March 8, 2010 06:51

    unellmay02 said: FAIL! I can't believe this once even on the first page of the anime category <.< ... More

  • unellmay02 commented on February 3, 2010 22:00

    FAIL!... More


It seems the treatment meted out to lowly mangaka by the high hand of magazine management continues to know no bounds; now we hear that Young Sunday (relatively famous for Patlabor, Tetsuwan Birdy, etc.) has opted to cease publication (temporarily is what they say, but this may just be a way of softening the impact) due to financial difficulties, and has left its serialised mangaka in the lurch.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 17, 2009 21:01

    not so much comments here? anybody who dont understand the situation and want to know, read manga 'Bakuman'... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 25, 2008 13:59

    poor them, and its not as if mangakas dont have a hard enuff time in general... More


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