Police have arrested a gang which murdered as many as 60 people in order to drain their bodies of fat and sell it on an international black-market for prices as much as $15,000 a litre.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 20, 2012 09:04

    I don't believe any human life is worth that.... More

  • katie lynn commented on January 17, 2011 17:45

    i read this article and thought of one thing: fat smoothie!... More

Darwin Film “Too Much” for Americans


A recent movie celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth has ignited a storm of criticism in the superstitiously minded US, with creationists denouncing the movie, reversing the balance of opinion seen in other developed countries.

So much so that the producer has opted not to even bother releasing it in the USA, saying Americans are “not ready” for such a work.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 12, 2011 23:28

    It's not a mystery*, they maintain*... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 7, 2011 19:01

    The catch is that there are infinite possible gods, thus the probability of a god is zero even if it is vaguely defined. So no, there is not a god.... More


Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japan’s newly elected DPJ Prime Minister, claims she was abducted by aliens and taken to Venus, and was a friend of Tom Cruise in a previous life.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 11, 2009 05:40

    We all think she’s nuts here in Japan. And we’re embarrassed about all this. But our media kept her a secret before the elections, so actualy, most of us didn’t know how loony she was till now. This is... More

  • kajunbowser commented on September 7, 2009 05:36

    Not so. Over four centuries, Japan has had records of ppl experiencing this, even seeing some bluish-lit UFO in an elliptical shape (and sometimes a wide cone-shaped top) around Tokyo Bay. But, I wonder about... More

Anime Studio Recruits Slaves by Blood Type


A company recruiting animators has incited a storm of criticism for its refusal to hire people with blood types other than A and O, as well as its requirement that inexperienced employees work as trainees for a year without any pay…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2010 05:12

    I'm a B type Blood but I'm working without any Arguments and i Work hard like a any other people i haven't have any other troubles on my workplace Hmp... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 25, 2009 04:16

    it looks like a fucking Fallout series viral to me ... or something xD...... More

Lucky Star Tarot


Lucky Star and the esoteric arts of divination collide in this splendid loose recreation of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. Only the Major Arcana are as yet completed; it looks to be a little too difficult to adapt a series like Lucky Star to this end (not enough characters or themes), but it has been done with other series. Shades of Lucky Star Shinto.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 10, 2010 14:58

    "...I can’t help but feel a certain missed opportunity is present in the choice of characters for “The Lovers”, shouldn’t a certain pair feature here?" I agree in principle, as Kona/Kaga is implied, and Akira/Minoru to... More

  • Myth commented on March 27, 2009 22:54

    Who's that girl on 10 - Wheel of Fortune?... More

Renter Sues Landlord Over Ghost

Itoshiki Kana - H Ghost Manga

A renter is suing his landlord based on the fact he was not told the property is supposedly haunted, for ¥5,000,000 ($50,000 – not insignificant by the paltry standards of Japanese settlements). He apparently rented the property ignorant of the alleged supernatural presence, opened an eatery there, and after being told by a friend of the ghostly presence, he claims to have witnessed spectral apparitions and heard strange noises. Now he wants his key money back, as well as some compensation to make up for the undead onslaught.

This sort of thing actually has a whole body of legislation and jurisprudence surrounding it – it is called “stigmatised property”, and frequently there is a duty to disclose such circumstances, though the actual existence of spectres is not something the courts care to deal with. Though usually this applies to not being able to resell a property, rather than merely being an inconvenienced renter. On the other hand, these properties can be made into valuable investment opportunities. Via Itainews.

  • Anonymous commented on February 25, 2010 14:58

    If Kana taught me anything, it's that ghosts are friendly if you buy them enough beer and fried chicken.... More

  • TheBest_F-22 commented on May 1, 2009 02:57

    P.S.: Just Remembered The Manga Name. In scanlated English, The Manga Name is "My Lovely Ghost KANA". Again, Go Read IT!. ^_^; C Ya l8r.... More


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