Macross F Movie Just A Remake?


The excitement surrounding the announcement of a Macross F film may have been misplaced, as an interview with esteemed director and Macross creator 河森正治 / Shouji Kawamori, included in Macross F 2059:Memories, has him making statements which basically scotch the notion of there being much original content or story development from the anime.

He has this to say:

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  • Kiv commented on February 17, 2009 06:09

    I'll take a remake over the TV series since the ending of the TV series sucked real bad. I was so disappointed in the mediocre storyline climax, who gives a damn about some crazed woman... More

  • Saouri commented on November 4, 2008 00:10

    Kawamori likes to use "movies" to add some facts to the main story, as he did in Macross Ai, Oboete Imasuka. A new way to understand the same story...... More


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