Rei + Asuka + Yukata + Okama = Win?

Evangelion figures: Rei & Asuka in mini-yukata attend a matsuri; design: Okama & Zanko / アスカとレイの祭りミニ浴衣姿

Fans of Okama / Yukata / Evangelion (two out of three here) might be interested to see these fine images of of lolified Asuka and Rei in breezy mini-yukata attending a matsuri, as designed by Okama and realised by Zenko (and made by Sega Prize). These may not be new, but I haven’t seen such fine photos of them before…

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  • Ohkikaze commented on February 17, 2009 14:01

    i got both and i have to say the are absolutely lovely <3 i also have the same figure set with series design (non loli) which is very nice too... More

  • Quen commented on November 25, 2008 04:27

    If only I had managed to pick these up, I'd love an Asuka one, even if her face does look a bit off... More

Haruhi Guitar Maniacs

Haruhi & Nagato wield electric guitars in these Live Alive Sega Prize figure incarnations ハルヒ EXフィギュア Live Alive (photos by Moeyo)

These recently released figure renditions of Haruhi and Nagato sporting electric guitars, and an attitude to match, caught my eye. Truly, the expression on Haruhi’s face is priceless – she looks suitably maniacal, for once. Nagato for her part has an appropriately blank expression.

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  • H8gwb commented on June 17, 2009 15:07

    I have both these figs, and for non-retail prize figs, they blow my nuts off.... More

  • TheAndySan commented on October 15, 2008 13:34

    I hate to be Mr. Anal, but Haruhi's guitar is actually an Italia Mondial II, not a Classic. The Classic has knobs where the EQ sliders are as well as a different selection of colors. Just... More


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