Irisdina Buxom Bikini Figure


The beautiful blonde Irisdina of Muv-Luv series Schwarzesmarken has gained recognition from Kotobukiya as she stars in their latest figure, wearing a bold bikini and ready for some beach-time fun when she arrives in the suitably sunny month of August.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 26, 2016 04:43

    I'd shoot her with some hot glue.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 26, 2016 03:35

    what an assman... More

Schwarzesmarken Horrifically Monstrous




Muv-luv mecha adaptation Schwarzesmarken has resumed its endless conflict against the franchise’s gruesome abominations, spawning plenty of hardcore mecha action and generating much disgust from watchers with the grotesque monster designs.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 24, 2016 09:47

    The male prota and the stupid sister "who is not related for blood CLICHE" are the cancer of this series, really so they be killed be the best for this anime.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 23, 2016 23:43

    STASI seems very familiar.... I guess state run espionage is now worse than it was in East Germany. The "anti money laundry" laws in the EU forces you declare point of origin for anything... More


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