Girls Und Panzer’s carefree student council president Kadotani Anzu has struck a “V” pose according to this new figurine, easily making her a target for bukkake artisans – Kadotani Anzu can meet her slimy fate this August.

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  • No Name commented on July 25, 2017 23:10

    Face seems a little off somehow.... More

Colossal Super Sonico Figure


Touted as the ultimate figure for her most die-hard fans, this tiny bikini edition figure of busty Nitroplus mascot Sonico is measured at colossal 1/2 scale and made with polyresin, and is due out this July, from A-TOYS.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 13, 2015 06:41

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyVcFTitPgA sonico figure:)... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 24, 2013 19:29

    eyes weird From Gerryko M youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/gerrykomalaysia... More


Proving it is not only about animated boobs but also boob-related goods, Highschool DxD’s Rias Gremory has received a bandeau-optional figure courtesy of A+.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 10, 2014 22:46

    doesn't seem so..... gonna look again....... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2012 16:57

    Just replying to myself for everyone's benifit. I got my Akeno in the mail yesterday. Same company made her as made the Akeno I linked above. There ain't nothin' "down there" to censor, and I... More

Mayo Chiki! Nakuru Narumi Ero-Figure


Mayo Chiki!‘s hugely busty Nakuru Narumi is being made into a poly-resin bikini figure, and just to keep things interesting, A+ has ensured her bikini is wholly removable for easy cleaning or something.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 19, 2012 20:13

    Hate to break it to you but your mama fucked her local precinct and had you, son. But don't let that keep you down! You keep fuckin' them cops as often as they... More

  • KingFisher commented on April 19, 2012 06:26

    I wonder if you have to damage the swimsuit like most castoffs to remove it. That would be a shame. By the way the price on this sucker is over 1000 USD. Insane. If something... More

Huge Ryofu Housen Ero-Figure


A+ delight Ikkitousen fans by delivering a big figure, in more ways than one, of Ryofu Housen spreading her legs in a provocatively high kick, and also capable of removing all her clothes so as to bare her body in every detail.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 23, 2012 23:48

    But there is in this one :P... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 12, 2012 03:33

    Best FAP figure... More

Manyuu Hikenchou Chifusa Manyuu Ero-Figure


Gigantic oppai fans may appreciate A+’s polyresin ero-figure of Chifusa Manyuu from Manyuu Hikenchou, set to be released in January 2012 and with a completely cast-offable sarashi and fundoshi.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 13, 2011 03:50

    wow, no thanks.... More

  • Nekomancer commented on December 12, 2011 04:44

    Is that chocolate bar between her oppai? I bet it's Milky Way:D... More

Yamanobe Tomo Hadaka Apron Ero-Figure


Seikon no Qwaser‘s voluptuous Yamanobe Tomo is wears naught but an apron for A+’s latest sexy figure. The polyresin figure will be released in December 2011, and features a removable apron for those Blu-ray moments.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2011 00:51

    O NO SEXY... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 23, 2011 18:36

    Where is the cast off?!... More

Akemi Fudou Ero-Figure


Kaitendoh unveil their latest figures in the form of the bicoloured Akemi Fudou, designed by artist Buruma Hogeroh and with some distinctly optional clothing.

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  • cpc65 commented on August 7, 2011 21:58

    $$$$$... More

  • ♦Diamond♦Dust♦ZX♦ commented on August 5, 2011 16:01

    that pussy is flaming hot?... More


Queen’s Blade yuri battler Echidna is receiving a new ero-figure rendition by A+ in poly-resin and striking a suitably sexy pose, made even more so by the fact that her underwear consists mostly of snakes, and all of it can be removed. She will be released in August 2011:

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  • Anonymous commented on July 12, 2011 22:43

    Only if yours is short and tiny. Sorry.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 5, 2011 01:57

    Rollin a cig now after viewing that, would you like one as well?... More

Busty Namida Nyorai Ero-Figure


Exploring the farthest realms of sexiness achievable by anime figures, this voluptuous Namida Nyorai PVC/resin figure of the Moebutsu series by Kaitendo will be available September 2011.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 1, 2011 00:22

    Your landlord can wait.... More

  • papi55 commented on May 31, 2011 10:15

    no!! i can't >> i have 2 pay rent this month!!... More


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