Super Mario Odyssey Nets CERO B Rating


Bewilderment has spread across the internet over the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey‘s Japanese rating, with the consistently family-friendly franchise managing to obtain a Cero B rating (ages 12 and up) rather than the usual Cero A (for everyone) and causing many to begin theorizing as to what plumbing of the depths of depravity could have possibly brought on this change.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 23, 2017 12:19

    I'd buy it... More

  • cpc65 commented on September 23, 2017 11:30

    When childhood and very adult memories collide. *shivers* I am going to sit fully clothed in the shower rocking back and forth for a couple hours now.... More

Gundam 00 TV Ratings Soar, Trounces Code Geass R2


Recent TV ratings for Gundam 00: Second Season have been on the upswing, with the latest episode (11) reaching a surprising 6.3%.

Below, the ratings for the first eleven episodes are shown, along with a comparison to the equivalent episodes of Sunrise’ previous show, Code Geass R2, which was already known for having rather dismal ratings for its timeslot.

It is not surprising that the long-running Gundam franchise would prove to have higher ratings, but the pronounced size of the difference between both shows’ viewership is somewhat surprising.

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  • Chen-04 commented on August 1, 2012 18:31

    4 years later on MAL Code Geass: 8.891 (scored by 137.696 users) CG R2: 8.991 (scored by 116.812 users) Gundam 00: 8.331 (scored by 34019 users)... More

  • Chen-04 commented on August 1, 2012 18:27

    Of course,.. it's impossible to know if you like it before you even watch it.... More

2008 Autumn Anime Debut Ratings


Viewership figures for the first two weeks of the autumn 2008 anime season have been published, allowing a a look at how the new shows have performed.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 5, 2009 21:48

    If that is the case, why is Skip Beat at the dead bottom? Nodame is a masterpiece with tons of fans of all age3s and sexes, easily the best series of last autum.... More

  • BluWacky commented on October 18, 2008 07:52

    It's essentially impossible to gather proper ratings for a lot of anime as they air on UHF channels at different times/days around the country. This is why you've only got Fuji TV, NTV, TBS... More

Slayers Beats Earthquake


Looks likes Slayers Revolution beat the recent and rather vigourous earthquake (all the other channels there are showing reports of the earth struggling in vain to heave off the oppressive weight of Japanese cities), but otherwise its ratings have been notably abysmal, having gone from a respectable 2.5% at start to a pathetic 0.8%, at the very bottom of the pile… things are not looking good for the continuance of Lina and the gang’s adventures at present.

Perhaps the plan to sell the Slayers DVD edition at what works out at a steep ¥2,000 per episode will have to be rethought at this rate…

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  • Zelgadis4tw commented on January 24, 2009 16:59

    Slayers was one of the first anime to introduce me into this form of entertainment, and the series practically made me cry in the end. I was actually disappointed that they didn't use the... More

  • Artefact commented on August 4, 2008 00:51

    Late comments are appreciated. Slayers is such a robust series that it seems unlikely to flop, but the issue is probably more whether there will be anything after this... if it does pick up, as you... More


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