Plagiarist Plagiarised


Shaa, an illustrator widely suspected of tracing the illustrations of other artists, has now been the subject of plagiarism himself in an unusual case of reverse (or possibly revenge) plagiarism.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 17, 2010 10:35

    lol this article made my fucking day.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 17, 2010 07:06

    No, he didn't plagiarize it, it WAS plagiarized recently.... More

Dengeki Still At It



Dengeki’s unrivalled reputation for employing and even awarding prizes to flagrant plagiarists continues to worsen, with yet another major incident – in this case actually involving a well known title, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (pictured with a pool cue above).

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  • Anonymous commented on January 20, 2011 08:14

    Too bad that Shaa does better picture overall.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 19, 2010 13:34

    isn't that Rio chick in that crappy DOAX game for PSP?... More

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Too Steamy By Half


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza is still being massacred by censors, or possibly overly enthusiastic attempts to compel fans into buying the DVDs, as evidenced by the fact that even normally libertine broadcasters are busy blasting the second episode with bursts of steam.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 16, 2009 19:14

    I won't buy this shit, fucking steam makes me rage.... More

  • Schrobby commented on October 16, 2009 04:12

    Goddam fucking steam...... More




Hidden otaku anime 乃木坂春香の秘密ぴゅあれっつぁ / Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza (season 2) has just commenced, and 2ch is quick to note that the steamy onsen service scenes are perhaps too steamy…

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  • giko commented on October 14, 2009 00:14

    Get the Tokyo MX version. Not as much steam.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 8, 2009 05:24

    What the fuck are you talking about? Please provide proof of a link between watching any kind of porn be it animated or live and committing any kind of sex crime. There is... More

Nogizaka Haruka 2nd Season Dated


The airing of the second season of otaku maiden anime Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu was announced in the latest issue of Dengeki Bunko, the same issue which revealed news of a new Shakugan no Shana series, and it is set for an October airing.

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  • dark-kyon commented on June 10, 2009 05:05

    i need more mikan,this is great new.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 3, 2009 09:55

    You'd be stupid to be looking for a plot centred story in this though. It's supposed to be laid back/casual moe/ecchi. It succeeds at what it tried to do imo.... More

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2nd Season Due


Hidden otaku and occasional service anime Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is set to receive a second series, something of a surprise given how restrained the reaction to this title appears to have been.

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  • fatesshadow commented on June 9, 2009 16:07

    I can't see why I've heard a lot of people say this anime wasn't very good. It seems perfectly fine to me, but i would've preferred if Kyohaku Dogs was made into an anime instead.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2009 13:11

    DUDE, STFU Znt was awsome, its just that season 3 messed up at the end. U shouldn't diss good anime >:(... More

2D vs 3D: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Seiyuu



The latest comparison of 2D vs 3D we can turn our attention to is shown here, comparing the 2D cast of recent secret otaku anime Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu to their 3D seiyuu counterparts, who obligingly pose in a similar fashion.

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  • Dia commented on April 29, 2011 20:39

    I'd marry her!... More

  • Niktesla commented on December 13, 2009 16:23

    3D definitely looks better for me this time... More

The Secret of Loli Pantsu


We saw before how 乃木坂春香の秘密 / Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu had some respectable service despite being firmly in the realms of good taste and decency (?), but the latest episode manages to deliver up a little more, in the form of some amusingly juvenile pantsu, suspect lines, yuri mouth-to-mouth and even squeezes in (out) a spot of bukkake.

Naturally, fans are delighted.

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  • MaidNiac commented on October 7, 2009 01:16

    ..... Last pic; Ando Yuri, is that you..?... More

  • Fonzer commented on September 2, 2008 23:03

    Lol this pic made me lol. More


Closet otaku comedy anime 乃木坂春香の秘密 / Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu has delivered a favourably received service episode sure to broaden its appeal even further; in addition to the obligatory swimsuits and opportune gusts of wind there is plenty of restrained yuri, and the usual erotic antics.

It may not be about to challenge serious ero-anime, or hardcore pantsu anime, for the ero-laurels, but it is doing well considering its timeslot. Just how well? See below…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 21, 2012 22:22

    What she had glasses?... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 28, 2010 02:41

    I love girls with glasses and HOLY FUCKIN BIG MOO MOO TITS!!!... More


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