Natsu no Arashi Cameo Café


Episode 9 of Natsu no Arashi featured a literal revolving door of cameos during an elongated café scene, including characters from K-On!, Idol Master, Saki, Hinako, and more.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 26, 2010 13:10

    What about the random Sampei cameo from Fisherman Sampei (1980)? I was all like woah.... More

  • omg commented on June 20, 2009 15:19

    lol god xD omg..the priest is crying infront of the God? xD what is the God doing there.. hmm.. 'blackmail'? hehehehehehe..... More



Upcoming anime 夏のあらし! / Natsu no Arashi! (Storm of Summer), airing April 5th, has succeeded in attracting attention to itself for all the wrong reasons.

Preview images show Asread Quality in evidence, and as if to inadvertently draw attention to this, the producer Starchild has incited a storm of criticism after retaining the services of a marketing firm (“Blogscout”) whose innovative PR move was to offer bloggers a paltry ¥1,000 Amazon gift voucher if they would write about the show on their blogs, subject to several conditions.

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  • Chen-04 commented on November 13, 2010 17:01

    I tried watching this anime yesterday, because it's from SHAFT. It certainly feels like shaft which is a good thing, but sadly it fails to entertain. Even if it got delicious traps and time travel.... More

  • lol commented on August 23, 2009 07:06

    The people that drew the anime drew it terribly compared to School Rumble, really...I mean Jin Kobayashi's work is good...but this time, the anime was a More


The Natsu no Arashi! official website has recently updated with full staff and cast information, listing the production studio as Shaft (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), and Ryouko Shiraishi (Kemeko Deluxe‘s sword-wielding Ryouko) as the female lead Arashi.

The Natsu no Arashi! manga is Jin Kobayashi’s second published manga serialization and his follow-up to School Rumble, which recently finished in 2008.

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  • kenjiharima commented on January 30, 2009 21:58

    The comments became school rumble rather than Natsu no Arashi oriented. XD... More

  • Gradation commented on January 30, 2009 11:56

    Well technically School Rumble didn't actually end. You can see in the last chapter of the manga. There is going to be another school rumble.... More


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