Infamous Akihabara exposure idol Asuka Sawamoto’s career has reached new depths with her brazen admissions that her main source of income is prostitution and selling her used underwear to fans…

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    i wonder if she'd let me dip a finger in for a taste..?... More

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    been a while ince last time i heard about her... More


Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか / Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, “22-year-old” exposure idol, scarlet lady and dabbling thief (30), has seemingly attained yet a new level of notoriety with the news that knife wielding rampaging spree killer Tomohiro Kato (25) was not only a fan of knives and anime, but also nursed some perverse fascination with her street gymnastics.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 19, 2009 08:15

    Because she is pretty. And I fine her nudity harmless - a postive thang in fact. Get over your clothes fetish.... More

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    -_-;; Why WOULD they be speaking positively!?... More

Akiba Pedestrian Paradise Finished


With the recent incidents, it seems the regular pedestrianisation of much of Akihabara is on its last legs. Police and area committees seem set to announce an urgent suspension of the policy shortly, with police expressing concerns over the possibility of copycat crimes, even though Mrs Wide Open is no longer a fixture in Akiba. However, shops too have been urging an end to the policy.

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  • aprilius20 commented on March 9, 2009 17:02

    “There are absolutely loads of people who don’t even have the common sense not to eat and drink in the shop amongst the people who come here during the pedestrian times." ...what's wrong with eating/drinking in... More

  • DrmChsr0 commented on June 11, 2008 19:02

    Goodbye Akihabara.... More

Business As Usual In Akiba

This old man has live goldfish earrings, a doll hat and is cross-dressing - business as usual in Akiba (image by Jabro)

The parade atmosphere in Akiba seems little diminished after the fallout from Mrs Wide Open’s scandalous antics – this cross-dressing live goldfish earring sporting elderly gentleman seems still to be a regular fixture, lolita performers seem unperturbed by police attention, and sign perching cat is still ensconced on his sign. Business as usual then?

Mrs Wide Open’s Exposure Bought by Press

Mrs Wide Open in an Akiba performance, brought to you courtesy of Yomiuri

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか / Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, Akiba’s “eternally 22” exposure idol and career criminal (30), has revealed in a shocking admission to gossip rag Spa that she was put up to her antics by a TV producer offering cash to guarantee a “performance”. Mrs Wide Open says she was propositioned by one of the numerous TV pressmen covering her exhibitionistic antics – “I’d like to pin it [a flash of your posterior] down” she alleges she was asked.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 24, 2013 04:43

    Seconded, also anyone have her AV vid? It seems like they did a pretty good job of actually managing to remove something from the internet!... More

  • o0 LMoney 0o commented on December 12, 2008 17:30

    ...anyone know where one can procure more of these images...? :)... More

Mrs Wide Open’s Life of Crime

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, by AkibaBlog

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, 30 but “eternally 22”, now famous for exposure and arrest in Akiba, reveals plenty of lurid details about her life of crime, exhibitionism, theft, and (alleged) prostitution, in an exclusive interview given to ZakZak. Regarding the photos surfacing on 2ch, flyers for call girls and the like, allegedly of her from her days of disgrace (if these can indeed be said to be over) working in the sex trade, she says of the woman in the photos: “Her size is the same”, and sympathetically laments “If she gets mixed up in this, she’ll probably get some strange customers”. But it doesn’t stop there, unfortunately.

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    ugly... More

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    This Suxs Mayb?... More

Mrs Wide Open Covers Up

Mrs Wide Open, humbled by AkibaOS

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, of serial exhibitionism fame, seems to have covered up, and is now modestly appareled, at least as long as chaperoned by a policeman taking time out from haranguing cosplayers to do something useful. We can but hope she stays covered up, but this may be a hope in vain. Reporting delivered with sarcasm and panache by AkibaOS. Having seen her without the distraction of her thong or the magic of photoshop, you may be shaken – relief, as always, provided here.

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    coz some things are just not worth commenting on..... More

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    Cause you're a giant nerd, just like me... More

Mrs Wide Open Fallout Digest

Nurse performing, by AkibaOS

The fallout from the recent arrest of a certain self publicist and mass media hysteria (Akihabara is a “lawless area”) has continued apace. Firstly, an anti-street performance patrol group was formed to hound off anyone thinking of engaging in such. After this, several conspicuous voices of protest arose: here we have a man dressed as a nurse proclaiming he will not strip (thankfully!), and here an impromptu speech is televised before the perpetrator is taken away; his “heart was stolen by gundam” indeed.

  • unicogirl commented on September 14, 2008 19:05

    ^_^;; this lady actually had fans... More

Mrs Wide Open’s Erotic DVD Debut

Asuka Sawamoto - Sexy Spiral

I am really not keen on resurrecting her foul yet shrewd antics, but seeing this over at Akibablog, I can’t help but post. Not content with being arrested, the self proclaimed 22 year old sexy idol 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto (30) has launched a new raunchy DVD of herself, titled as you can see “Sexy Spiral” – perhaps “Downward Spiral” would be more fitting. This has gone on sale in variety of Akiba locations, to be followed in a few days by a general release, according to the unfortunate witnesses.

I have liberally translated the well laid on description given for your delectation/revulsion: “Erotic idol Asuka Sawamoto is let loose in this radical non-nude erotic movie! The ultra close up crotch shots are a must see. A prim and proper little lady does this and that in situations sure to stir you up and get you going with the most alluring shots, totaling 70 minutes. In that slender frame lurks a captivating presence, the very limits of what can be put in an Image DVD”. Relief here and here.

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    because 3d is sooooo disgusting, right? no seriously, what's the fucking deal... More

  • Firetribe commented on June 7, 2009 00:39

    After reading that eloquently written description, for a moment I had that "want" feeling. Though, just for a moment... >.<... More

Mrs Wide Open Arrested, Finally

An Improbable Photo from Mainichi

Mainichi reports that the resourceful if notorious Akihabara self-publicist Mrs Wide Open (30), or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, has finally been arrested for creating a public nuisance. I can only hope that with this the endless stream of sordid photographs will cease, and we can return to ogling fine art instead. Alternatively, try her new DVD.

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    did you ever find out?... More

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    At last!!... More


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