Wii, Vii, now MiWi

Eittek’s MiWi, an attempt to improve on the Wii and the Vii

The superiority of Chinese engineering and their unique appreciation of intellectual property evidently know no bounds; first came the Wii, then the Chintendo Vii, and now a new successor emerges in the form of Eittek’s originally named MiWi.

This fine product continues in the same vein as the Vii, bringing you advanced cartridge based 16bit gaming reminiscent of the Wii at a vastly reduced price point. The erstwhile wireless controllers and sports games clearly aim to compete with Nintendo’s offering. As seems to be usual with these products, in game shots seem to be sadly lacking…

More pictures are mirrored below. Brought to my attention by GameSpark, with English info here and Chinese info here.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 20, 2010 14:53

    lol, had one of those once... More

  • KW commented on August 4, 2009 22:02

    China sucks.... More


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