Otaku Still Celebrating Mio Akiyama’s Birthday


The yearly affirmation of top moeblob Mio Akiyama’s birthday is still going strong, with lonely otaku celebrating their devotion with as much cake and anime goods as their bulging wallets will support…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 18, 2013 14:31

    Me too... More

  • Yamato commented on January 17, 2013 22:45

    I think Anon 20:42 is implying the utterly insane notion that he had a wife... by which I mean a 3D wife.... More

Otaku Wish Mio A Happy Birthday, Again


Top moeblob Akiyama Mio‘s birthday is once again drawing hordes of creepy otaku celebrants, all keen to show off their ever more elaborate cakes and ever more extensive collections of Miorabilia…

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  • Sazuko Toriyama commented on January 17, 2012 10:25

    MIOOoooo~!!! Happy be-lated Birthday~! >.<... More

  • Senjou commented on January 17, 2012 01:23

    He probably doesn't celebrate Christmas.... More

Finally – Mio’s Boobs Fondled


K-ON!’s astonishing transformation from moeblobs to soft service continues apace, now with outright Mio breast fondling making an appearance.

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Akiyama Mio Sultry Bikini Figure


Moeblob anime and manga K-ON! isn’t done with yet – least of all with Alphamax’s shapely new figure of Mio in her bikini, set to be released in November 2011.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2011 12:25

    picture 8 bikini hogging Mio butt is hot!... More

  • ranivus commented on June 29, 2011 19:42

    Prototypes always look way better than the mass produced product... More

Official: “Mio Sleeps No Bra”


Crucial information about busty moeblob Mio Akiyama‘s sleeping habits has surfaced by way of the K-ON! manga:

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  • Anonymous commented on July 18, 2013 14:17

    Girls don't wear bras when they sleep... it'd be about as comfortable as wearing glasses to bed.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 23, 2011 08:13

    i dont... More

Mio House Model Quite Something



Detailed architectural plans of the various houses featured in K-ON! are nothing new, but for one fan only a meticulous 1:100 model of the Akiyama residence would do.

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  • Darklob commented on May 1, 2011 15:41

    For hardcore fan its blasphemy to commercialize these holy objects I think :P... More

  • Darklob commented on May 1, 2011 15:39

    Yay now I can stalk Mio whiles in my own room.... More

K-ON! Restarts with 3 New Girls


The freshly restarted K-ON! manga introduces three new moeblobs for fans to fawn over, which they have obligingly done so with some gusto.

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  • tyciol commented on April 18, 2011 11:25

    They should still come on as guests. Or hey, have a uni themed anime. Not all lolis have to be in high school.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 12, 2011 13:01

    Lolol I'm loving the misunderstanding fail of two separate mangas when its just how k-on was published from the get go with volume 2 and 3. Just 2 chapters released a month in which it... More

Mio vs Tsunami


The itasha pictured may have suffered near complete destruction, but Mio herself looks distinctly unruffled all the same.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2011 13:45

    1=MIO vs 0=TSUNAMI... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2011 13:04

    It's got a rollcage in there, he should be ok.... More

Mio Akiyama Shimapan Cosplay


Moeblob bassist Akiyama Mio‘s famed shimapan exposure scene is authentically recreated here by cosplayer Necoco.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2011 06:49

    OR PUT A CONDOM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2011 01:25

    good stuff!!!... More


Queen of moeblobs Mio Akiyama has apparently found herself appropriated by Chinese otaku as an image character for their nation’s newly copied stealth plane, the Chengdu J-20.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 11, 2013 01:29

    I love how the ignorant gobbled up the propaganda from the media. They ones stupid enough to believe that the Chinese had found any substantial from that crash heap can forget about taking a career... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 30, 2011 12:40

    That's a little offensive haha. Why all the hate for the Chinese as a people? Nobody likes the government in China. We Chinese just live with it because the other alternative is Tienamen Square everywhere.... More

Mio Seiyuu Yoko Hikasa Snubbed at Event


Mio Akiyama seiyuu Yoko Hikasa recently discovered K-ON!’s popularity apparently does not extend to IdolMaster fans – she was humiliatingly snubbed and even given the cold shoulder by fellow seiyuu at a recent event.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 3, 2014 00:56

    Bastards!... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 12, 2011 09:29

    So she went to an Idolmaster event expecting to be a big shot but got lonely and depress because she wasn't? Oh wow, just wow. Even if she did have fans there I doubt they... More

Mio’s Birthday Creepier Than Ever



Queen of all moeblobs Mio Akiyama’s birthday falls on the 15th of January, and her devoted followers have of course marked the occasion with the usual excess of cake and figures.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 19, 2011 14:28

    how can you celebrate a birthdayparty of someone who doesnt even exist xD... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 19, 2011 10:50

    tbag, stop being a weaboo and get a life for a change... More

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