Bondage Shoe – Mibu Natsuki


Another one of those striking images I could hardly refrain from sharing. Be assured, this shoe is going nowhere, and looks to be in for an interesting time indeed. From the cover of an upcoming doujinshi by highly accomplished, though unfortunately not too prolific, artist みぶなつき / Mibu Natsuki (Lily Lily Rose).

The work to be released is said to be focused on black tights, sailor fuku, and kinbaku (rope bondage), so it sounds like one to look out for. Presumably, the girls will be also be wearing nice shoes. Be sure to get it at Comiket if you can.

See some more of his superb erotic illustrations below.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2011 15:36

    I wouldn't say it's distinctive, more like it's copypasta.... More

  • firaku commented on December 18, 2008 14:46

    Very sexy KOS-MOS!... More


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