Cops Arrest Comic Megastore CEO & Editors


Police have arrested 3 editors and the CEO of Core Magazine over the May issue of Comic Megastore, all on charges of distributing obscene material.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 9, 2016 06:40

    china's internet were alrdy censor enough lol...their gov basically control flow of info so many sites like this wont be accessible for them at all..its weird tht they try to ban instead of taking down... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 30, 2013 22:26


Cops Raid Comic Megastore, Force Cancellation


High spec heroine ero-manga magazine Comic Megastore has been raided by police for undisclosed offences thought to relate to “publishing obscene material” in the form of their erotic comics, and has been forced into cancelling its latest issue.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2013 04:30

    The Japanese females just sound so much cuter. Western porn audio is hilarious and should be watched while eating a bowl of popcorn. Or muted.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2013 04:28

    Western fictional porn is terrible. Both by artwork, story and concept. Majority of the time they have these really UGLY DC comic lookin females that look like shit. Or boulder-busting guys. No one is ever... More



Nishieda’s spectacular and highly erotic art is unlikely to disappoint those looking for art or erotica.

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  • Jindan commented on July 30, 2011 04:05

    Guys, does someone know the name of figures on 177 pic? Need to know so I know what to buy :)... More

  • twin blades commented on February 7, 2010 17:06

    DAMN! This fools got some sick works now this is good erotic art thank god there's artsit Like this guy out there. 2 thumbs up... More

Eroge Through The Ages (Downloadable)


Two very interesting sites looking at the development of eroge in a historical context come to my attention. Firstly, and most strikingly, long time visual novel producer Alicesoft has actually officially authorised the distribution of many of their older titles (1990s) as abandonware; you can find them for direct download or torrent download, collected here. Secondly, there is a compendium of older eroge collected nicely with some CG (see below).

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  • Blue Slime commented on July 23, 2011 05:27

    Is it just me, or are those girls on those bicycle-looking things One head of pink hair away from being Anna Lindhurst and Kanda Aoi from Ouendan?... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 12, 2009 12:03

    Is scary but true that even those old rances are better then the absolute shit the english eroge companies translate..... More


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