Livedoor Fooled by Busty Newscaster

Livedoor Fooled by Busty Newscaster: Taiwanese news announcer is a actually shopped 赤江珠緒 / Akae Tamao

These provocative images of an apparent newscaster proved the bane of Livedoor, as rather than showing “Taiwan’s ultra sexy announcer is all the rage in China” (mirrored by Internews, as the original has been pulled), as their published story claimed, the photos were actually shopped images of 赤江珠緒 / Akae Tamao, an Asahi TV newscaster, published on Maniaxz. Livedoor’s story was soon exposed by the terrifying analytical powers of 2ch, noting the obvious identity of the lady as well as the unnatural pallor of her oversized endowment.

Livedoor somehow managed to spin this shopped image into an entire article, claiming she was a hit Taiwanese celeb in China, something which rather casts doubt on their journalistic rigour, and being exposed as fools, they promptly withdrew the article with nary a word. Clearly, writing articles about photoshopped images is something only blogs can get away with.

  • ♦Diamond♦Dust♦Eternal♦ commented on September 6, 2011 14:43

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