A ranking for the most sold BDs for the week of July 17th has revealed that otaku are seemingly quite fond of shows revolving around tiny figure girls, managing to outsell even an idol boy franchise favored amongst fujoshi.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 31, 2017 11:54

    Glad to see Precure on the list. I was a little worried about them, as everything about the current TV series seems to indicate they've had their budget slashed enormously.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 30, 2017 02:20

    i guess the Frame Arms Girls sales has something to do with the ever increasing boom of people into building model kits, well the Gundam Build Fighters series sort of did that first.... More




Currently airing witch girl anime Little Witch Academia has apparently mustered enough popularity to warrant its own 3D CG game, with the long-winded “Little Witch Academia: The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders” seemingly promising plenty of magically devastating battles to sate any otaku’s disturbing lust for little girl wizardry.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 6, 2017 06:03

    yeah but its not in english so no one cares.... More

  • Goldsickle commented on May 31, 2017 01:26

    Looks like another of those "cooldown timer" games...... More




A rather unexpected reference to popular online game League of Legends has reared its head in Little Witch Academia, with the latest episode focusing on the mute Constanze and giving the cute girl some much needed screen-time that will no doubt elevate her to “best girl” status in the minds of many.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 13, 2017 02:04

    not as shit as your opinion.... More

  • warjoke commented on May 11, 2017 22:03

    If TRIGGER was in charge of Koe no Katachi... More


Little Witch Academia‘s main trio of troublesome witches have gotten some rather convincing cosplays, depicting the charming girls in their standard witch attire and possibly even winning the interests of those obsessed with only 2D women.

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  • Kimberly Ann Possible commented on May 7, 2017 01:37

    This group is so on point , is scary.If they go fund me a live action , this should be the standard.... More

  • cpc65 commented on May 3, 2017 23:31

    I'd like to sniff that broom handle please.... More


The shows that anime fans initially found interesting and were later happy to have watched them have starred as the subject of this latest ranking, with the hugely popular Kemono Friends somehow being pushed away from 1st place by one particularly witchy underdog.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 19, 2017 18:20

    Want vulgar, young man ! I'm there- More

  • Anonymous commented on April 19, 2017 10:41

    Hahahahaha. That's a joke right?... More

Little Witch Academia Festively Prepares




Little Witch Academia‘s next humorous episode has tasked its witchy women with preparing for a festival of sorts, with the meddlesome Akko once again getting mixed up in some trouble whilst learning a little more about her so called “rival”.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 30, 2017 13:22

    That's from the teaser of second cour... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 30, 2017 04:02

    Last pic is this original screenschot or something like nude filter?... More




An episode revolving around the lovingly odd Sucy has finally arrived for Little Witch Academia, providing devoted fans with an abundance of service of the mushroom-craving witch that will surely make them adore her even more.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 2, 2017 12:53

    What do you mean?... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 28, 2017 23:10

    There are a lot of references.... More




Little Witch Academia‘s devoted Akko has continued to work hard to achieve her dream of becoming a full-fledged witch, with the clumsy girl unsurprisingly stirring up more problems for herself along the way that will hopefully keep watchers amused.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 23, 2017 05:43

    For example full frontal nudity...... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 22, 2017 10:09

    Hogwarts Waifu Academy?... More

Little Witch Academia Kemonomimi Chaos




Another of Akko’s zany adventures has consumed the latest broadcast of Little Witch Academia, causing her and the show’s first ever male character to forcibly don animal ears – with some watchers hoping that this new male character will disappear soon…

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  • Anonymous commented on February 16, 2017 05:33

    Magic loli harem is not so bad...... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2017 09:30

    Well like every western show, they will make another character to couple with the main character. Looks like official cannon couple now. Male viewers can self insert into male character to have harem, and female... More

Little Witch Academia Heats Things Up




Things have started to heat up with Little Witch Academia‘s 5th airing as the show’s witches are thrust into a dangerous situation due to the ever mischievous Akko, providing viewers some action at last as the girls risk their lives to fend off hordes of dragons – despite it being unlikely that they will suffer any actual harm.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 17, 2017 00:51

    Sankaku fags can't handle the truth and mass downvote sensible comments....just another day in the cesspool.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 8, 2017 16:11

    Dude, I admit I did not like this episode, but they aren't even a fourth of the way through the show, give it a while before denouncing it.... More

Little Witch Academia Hardcore Otaku Anime




The bespectacled Lotte has gotten the spotlight with Little Witch Academia‘s 4th broadcast as she and her friends attend a fan event of sorts, showcasing Lotte’s more obsessed (and highly moe) side and perhaps giving something for otaku viewers to relate to.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 31, 2017 21:25

    Pissbusters Still better than the modern reboot at least.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 31, 2017 06:41

    It's a pretty on-point parody of twilight. "Belle" starts out normal, and by the later volumes she's catching nukes with her bare hands. Lotte and Annabel blathering at each other about complete nonsense. Just like the books... More

Little Witch Academia Rides Hard




Non-witch Akko has at last obtained the opportunity to learn to fly with Little Witch Academia‘s 3rd airing, a tough ordeal that has naturally provided viewers with numerous comedic moments and will likely end in success given the good-natured theme of the series.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 26, 2017 05:48

    Those lolis are cute and sexy. I hope for some nudity. HOPE... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 25, 2017 15:04

    DON'T STOP ME NOW... More

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