Caged & Vulnerable Tenshi-san Figure


Ero-illustrator Tamagoro has shown off his talent by way of this new figurine from Mabel and Lechery, which features an original maiden by the name of Tenshi-san being trapped in a cage whilst dressed in skimpy attire – buyers can do all sorts of lewd things to Tenshi-san against her will this October.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2017 19:11

    Or you are not thinking straight.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2017 19:10

    You must be really really good at what you do, or you must have a great workplace.... More

Seductive Akane Indo Tiny Bikini Ero-Figure


Based on the sensuous illustration penned by Homare, this ero-figure attempts to depict Akane Indo’s supreme sexiness by dressing her in a skimpy bikini – Akane Indo can be bought in bulk by otaku when she arrives in July.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2017 20:06

    She looks great, nice breasts and ass. And her tongue. I bet she's a great licker.... More

  • Manuel commented on March 21, 2017 08:16

    Looks pretty good, but I think the tongue and eyes need a little work.... More

Sexy Swing Girl Mai Ero-Figure


Mabel and Lechery have combined their ecchi powers to produce an original ero-figure of outstanding sexiness, depicting the enchanting “Mai” (along with her colossal assets) standing atop a swing in nothing but her underwear and surely catching onlookers in a trance – Mai can be inspected more closely come March.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 9, 2016 15:11

    Silly girl, that's not how you ride a swing!... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 9, 2016 01:40


Energizing Nanase-chan Figure


An original cheerleader figure from Mabel and Lechery may become a rather desirable item due to its sex appeal, with the cute and buxom “Nanase-chan” seemingly unaware of her exposed pantsu, a fact that otaku will surely take advantage of when she arrives to cheer them on in December.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 22, 2016 14:54

    sdsafsas... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 22, 2016 12:01

    I think modern media pushes that ultra thin look too much. People wonder why young girls start developing eating disorders. People do need to maintain a healthy BMI, but I don't think anyone wants to... More

Impregnated Hotaru Tentacle Ero-Figure


From the “Hentai” line of ero-figures comes this sexy original piece (made by Lechery) featuring the demon fighting princess Hotaru, which has shamed the royal woman as her defeat has been made public for all to see – buyers can treat Hotaru as their captive this November.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 11, 2016 12:13

    I don't know, as long as the eggs aren't inherently fetal, I can't imagine it killing someone. We know we can have a human about that size in a female uterus. Don't see why it... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 11, 2016 12:09

    Ya really, what are you doing on here if you are so abhorred by this kind of stuff? Welcome to hentai, almost all of it has some sort of out there fetish...... More

Kagura Ero-Figure Extremely Tentacular


Lechery have unveiled a suitably lewd new ero-figure, featuring the pitiable Kagura as she is subjected to the slimy grasp of some dastardly tentacles, surely a must-have for those with a penchant for such wriggling things – Kagura will arrive in April.

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  • bigbadwolf69 commented on January 23, 2016 15:07

    Uhhhhhhh sure................ More

  • bigbadwolf69 commented on January 23, 2016 15:07

    That's for the original release without the bote belly option... More

Dastardly Witch Ero-Figure


Figure manufacturer Lechery has unveiled the newest figure in their fairy tale villains line, with Snow White’s evil witch transitioning to a more anime-inspired form, while boasting quite an impressive bust (which can be exposed at the will of the buyer) and offering a grenade lest poison apples not be deadly enough for buyers – the 25cm Witch can taint the innocent when she makes her arrival in July.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 26, 2015 17:08

    Taint.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 25, 2015 20:32

    ^you'd tap dat witch too :)... More

Innocent Little Red Riding Hood Ero-Figure


The rather sweet Little Red Riding Hood of fairy tale lore has been made rather less sweet by figure crafter Lechery in the form of this sexy 27cm figure, giving buyers the added option of stripping her of her classic red attire as well as her innocence – Little Red Riding Hood will arrive into caring otaku custody in April, should they not turn out to be wolves in cosplay.

Both brown and black haired variants are available for the figure:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 17, 2014 06:27

    Saw that RWBY reference there.... More

  • yuriphoria commented on December 16, 2014 03:45

    This does nothing for me. Maybe if she was wielding a scythe that was also a customizable high impact sniper rifle...... More

Busty Nurse Miu Ero-Figure


Aptly named figure crafter Lechery has produced a voluptuous 1/6th scale figure showcasing original character Miu dressed in a nurse outfit and sporting some sexy see-through lingerie, poised for an optionally intimate encounter at the buyer’s whim with the removal of her clothes – Miu will arrive in December and is also available in both white and black color schemes.

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  • Chris commented on September 19, 2014 03:51

    Does it come with the bed? Also these photos don't do us any justice in understanding the scale of the models.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2014 00:02

    The black clothes version looks nice... Does her hair glow in the dark?... More

Sexy Flight Attendant Yoko Figures


Those who fantasise of having a sexy cabin attendant of their own but do not feel like chancing their freedom on the supreme competence of the Japanese police can fortunately have a go at saucy cabin attendant Yoko in blue and red versions instead, both ready to take off in February 2013.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 9, 2012 14:39

    Is that supposed to be Yoko? Her eyes are disturbingly... vacant.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 8, 2012 10:28

    This may be the hottest figure I've seen in quite a while. Looks amazing. I'm even impressed by the detail with the luggage she's got.... More

QQ Hisha Orange Figure


Cute race queen Orange, from QQ Hisha, has been announced for a figure release in January 2013, by the intriguingly named Lechery and Wings Company.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 10, 2012 01:53

    It has boots, so instant 10/10.... More

  • Poyo The Great commented on November 9, 2012 18:52

    Still made in china.... More


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