Top 10 Most Charming Anime Witches


A festive Halloween ranking has emerged, asking Nipponese voters to choose who they believe to be the most charming anime witch, resulting in the heroine of a classic animated movie to soar above the rest of the competition.

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  • Larry commented on February 14, 2017 13:32

    Too new. This list was a few months ago.... More

  • Larry commented on February 14, 2017 13:31

    Megumin is awesome, but there is ONE out there who could dethrone her. Of course, only if you would count sorceress as the same as a witch. I mean of course the good old "Darkness beyond... More

Top 20 Anime Mothers


The recent passing of Mother’s Day has inspired this latest ranking consisting of the best mothers in anime (at least according to those who voted), with not only older anime titles finally getting some attention but a multitude of minor characters as well.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2016 20:43

    If it were originally a manga instead of an anime it would be okay, since it's originally an anime your comment is bullshit.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2016 21:33

    Random users who post shitz without reading or respecting other people's opinions should just fuck off because your statement is invalid in itself.... More


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