“Jap” Race Hate Killer Murders Filipino By Mistake


A man is accused of celebrating his birthday by beating to death an elderly man for appearing to him to be Japanese, although his victim in fact turned out to be a Filipino.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 25, 2013 04:29

    This guy has no geopolitical knowledge, fillipino are generally darker skin than japs... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 20, 2012 22:10

    What language are they speaking in? Malaysian?... More

Japan Least Proud Nation


Japan has placed dead last in a survey of which nations have the most favourable self-image, with a variety of small and insignificant nations topping the list.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 7, 2015 02:04

    Ooh, nasty. Spoken like a true Singaporean Chinese scumbag.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 13, 2015 06:47

    The atomic bomb strikes killed millions? Are you fucking kidding me? The population of Hiroshima in 1945 was about 250,000, and the population of Nagasaki was about 200,000. Even if everybody died in both cities,... More

“Japanese and Dog No Nearing”



The owner of this moped, who is needless to say Chinese, has apparently gone to the trouble of fitting a suitably jingoistic anti-Japanese slogan in place of a conventional number plate: “Japanese and dogs, don’t come close!”

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  • Anonymous commented on July 20, 2011 08:53

    You must be weeaboo too. Or you wouldn't have come here.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 9, 2010 22:16

    Chinese and Dog No Nearing... More

Korean Rage over Anti-Korean Anime “Unko-san”


The latest Japanese object of Korean fascination and outrage is excrement themed anime “Unko-san.”

Koreans allege that a character named “Kim Ben” (“Ben” is a pun on the Japanese character for excrement), who loves kimchee, has narrow eyes and is “easily angered,” is in fact an attempt to liken Koreans to nightsoil. He is visible in the top right of the above illustration.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2013 12:03

    An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I think which you need to write far more on this subject, it may well not be a taboo topic but usually men and women aren't sufficient to speak... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 27, 2011 00:24

    똥이어디로갔을까, if I'm not wrong: 똥= Ttong= shit 이/가= subject-suffix, Ttong is the subject here 어디로= eodiro= where/where to 갔을까=kasseulkka= an indirect question (shown by the suffix 까) of the verb kada(가다= to go) translated it would be... More

North Korea: “We’ll Kill a Third of Japan’s Population!”


North Korean rhetoric has reached a new crescendo of violence, with their latest threats being to wipe out a third of Japan’s population in a stroke if Japan “attacks” the wretched slave nation:

“If Japan wages another war of conquest, their whole land will be subject to our retaliatory strike! Japan’s major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto are home to over a third of Japan’s population, and house most of its industry.

Should we launch our powerful counterattack, Japan will become a scene of carnage!”

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  • Anonymous commented on April 4, 2012 10:55

    As if Japan has much to worry about. As if they would ever deploy troops on an expansive move in this day and age. Since the Second World War, the only time Japan has deployed troops... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 6, 2011 19:57

    “With a Hiroshima type blast in Tokyo, most government would cease.” I don't think they make nukes that small anymore, if they're goona use one, they're gonna use a big one. Hundreds of kilotons...... More

Ladies Hounded From Hanami for Wearing Kimono


A pair of ladies, apparently a mother and her daughter, thought they would take a commemorative photo under the blooming sakura at a Chinese park whilst tastefully attired in kimono, but were soon thronged by a jeering crowd who ordered them out.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2014 11:57

    白种人从来就没有把有色人种当成人类看过。把中国人定义为非人类是西方一直的政策。不用和西方的畜类讲道理,只需要增强自己的实力就行了。... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2014 11:53

    你和他讲道理她和你耍无赖,你和他耍无赖她和你谈人权,你和他讲人权她和你拼实力,你和他拼实力她和你讲道理。反正你干什么都是错的,活在这个世界上都是错的,我干什么都是对的,就是屠杀你的人民都是正义的。打着民主的旗号可以肆无忌惮的挑衅别人发言的自由。打着民主的旗号也可以肆无忌惮的对看不起的民族肆意进行人身攻击。你敢说半个不字,那就是不民主的,这就是西方国家的民主,谁都会有问题,谁都不是完美的,但是总把别人当成小丑取笑的民族早晚会完蛋,别忘了中国清朝的教训。别忘了天朝上国的衰败。... More


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