Gabriel Dropout Comically Concludes




Further hilarity has consumed the final episode of Gabriel Dropout as Gab’s sister drops by the human world for a visit, leading to a catastrophe that unsurprisingly comes to a positive conclusion considering the nature of the series, and looks likely to soon be forgotten in favor of the next moe slice-of-life show.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 30, 2017 21:15

    Surely, if you do watch it to kill time, that counts as enjoying it to a degree. If you don't enjoy a show, you wouldn't watch it at all, even if just to kill time.... More

  • kamehappo commented on March 30, 2017 00:20

    Best anime of winter season!... More

Gabriel Dropout Gone to The Dogs




Angelic comedy Gabriel Dropout has seen to the advancement of Satania’s relationship with her diabolical doggy rival, with the gullible girl showing off her more kind and caring side as the show finds every possibly opportunity to make fun of her for it.

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  • Rya commented on March 23, 2017 03:07

    Why wait? More

  • Anonymous commented on March 22, 2017 08:58

    Now it's time to wait for the glorious Satania x Melonpan dog doujins...... More

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Gone To The Dogs




The next episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV has delved into the past to explore the earlier years shared between protagonists Noctis and Prompto, appealing to watchers in what many have regarded as a cheap move due to the abundance of cute puppies.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 25, 2016 10:31

    Get fat then lose fat.... More

  • Riiku commented on June 17, 2016 05:39

    If you're fat, stop blaming your metabolism and start running. Starting from today. Because whatever fat people say, fat is not attractive.... More

Inupathy Collar “Will Read Your Dog’s Mind!”




Japanese technology has lead to the creation of the “Inupathy” collar, a device that supposedly reveals the complicated emotions of its canine wearer and will likely be a must-buy for those obsessed with their beloved pooch but of not of too questioning a mind.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 19, 2016 23:59

    Ahh, you've got a point there my friend... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 18, 2016 17:25

    We only really *get* our dogs and vice versa after spending the time living along each other. Just get a dog owner and a non-dog owner and have them sit before a dog. The dog... More

Gakkou Gurashi Cools Down




The surviving girls of Gakkou Gurashi have again tried to look on the brighter side of their apocalyptic days, opting to beat the summer heat by slipping into some skimpy mizugi and splashing about in the pool – despite the plot ever slowly gearing up toward one of its memorable moments…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 5, 2015 19:56

    The dog is important.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 5, 2015 18:46

    and lose the main attraction of the whole story? no........ More

Gakkou Gurashi = Moe + Zombies




The premiere of school life anime Gakkou Gurashi has exploded with a vast abundance of moe, while also gaining positive reviews with its completely unexpected (to the uninformed, at least) addition of flesh-craving zombies – forming a rather bizarre mix that may possibly prove entertaining to those who admire both incomparable genres, or even either.

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  • Larry commented on September 18, 2016 01:27

    they don't eat the dog do they?... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 20, 2015 04:35

    Moe here, moe there, moe absolutely everywhere~... More

Yuigahama Seifuku Figure


Oregairu’s bubbly airhead Yuigahama can now be obtained by obsessed otaku in figure form thanks to the ever reliable Kotobukiya, who have showcased the lovely girl in her seasonal seifuku with her faithful dog in tow – the 19cm Yuigahama can befriend buyers when she comes in October.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 24, 2015 05:44

    *Heart attack - too much MoeMoeKyun... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 18, 2015 06:27

    The series is excelent, is something out of the ordinary and the main character is awesome.... More

Slave Girl Ena – “Both H and Action”



C-Laboratory’s latest release has come in the form of “Slave Girl Ena“, a side scrolling beat-’em-up boasting a variety of action of both the fighting and H variety.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 17, 2014 23:21

    I've never seen the point of "sex on defeat" hentai games. You're only PLAYING it for the sex, you're sure as shit not playing it for the engaging and finely-tuned gameplay, so by only giving... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 17, 2014 16:57

    Just finished the demo and I LOVE THIS GAME! I'm definitely buying this XMAS gift. Gonna have me one hellofa holiday.... More

Shinryaku Ika Musume OAD Chaotic as Ever




The beach terror that is Ika Musume has most graciously returned (at least for the moment) with the release of her 3rd OAD, offering more of its nostalgically chaotic squid-shoujo humor and even introducing a busty new character – whose existence seems to be merely for the sake of some mizugi service.

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  • keron commented on September 17, 2014 05:27

    I'm more surprised that they actually had a fanservice OVA version of squid girl considering a majority of people who arent otakus was griping about kodomo no jikan.... More

  • Chen-04 commented on September 15, 2014 06:10

    Why wouldn't they release a blu-ray version of this D:... More

Akame Ga Kill “More Extreme Than Anticipated”




Bloody fighter anime Akame Ga Kill‘s latest outing has provided a staggering variety of kinky antics for its faithful gore-loving watchers, with naughty BDSM-play and a plethora of girls in pantsu – finally sating the lust of type H viewers starved of such antics for hours if not days.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 10, 2014 18:43

    She'll probably die soon though. 'Tis a death flag.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2014 06:34

    The war hasn't even begun. First comes the Jaegers, then Wild Hunt. Plus Tatsumi officially dates one of the characters, crushing the harem xD... More

Sailor Scout Cosplay Gone to the Dogs


The rampant popularity of animal videos and Sailor Moon has combined, with a recent video having appeared online showcasing the fanciful critter cosplay of several lovable chihuahuas adorned in the renowned skirts of the pretty soldier Sailor Scouts, preparing the fearless dogs for combat against the evil forces of the Negaverse and doubtless contributing a substantial future cosplay component to the Japanese love of clothing their dogs.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 18, 2014 22:07

    Anyone else flapping to these bitches?... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 4, 2014 06:47

    I fucking hate chihuahuas.... More

China Zoo’s Lion “Actually Dog”


Even the Chinese have been outraged by a zoo which passed off a dog as a lion, with the ruse only being exposed when a visitor questioned why their “lion” was barking.

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  • Chen-04 commented on January 12, 2014 08:26

    Conquering China is pointless. British empire did it in the past and got bored of it. They made themselves slaves already anyway. Slaves that live far away and everyone hates. Why do you think stuff... More

  • Chen-04 commented on January 12, 2014 08:16

    It's like you don't eat your fellow men in a modern society. We do not eat those we invited in our homes. That includes dogs, cats and lots of other animals. Like Chinese. Whoops, that... More

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