Pony’s Maggot-Ridden Penis Ordeal


A bizarre and grotesque case of equine penis abuse has left a man facing animal cruelty charges and a pony suffering a hideously afflicted penis.

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  • Bozo commented on July 7, 2009 01:48

    Isn't that how "Pony Canyon" got their name?... More

  • Orio94 commented on July 6, 2009 12:53

    Hmmm ya pretty nasty idea, even in 2d. Bestiality is a real turn-off...... More

Eat Snake, Bear, Camel, Horse Schlong (45cm) at Akiba

Frozen horse penis (45cm) at AKIBA GeteQ, photo by Ota-Suke

Kebab not good enough? Try takoyaki made with a variety of strange meats – Burmese python, bear, camel hump, crocodile tail, green sea turtle (by-catch I presume), and of course, the reason you came here, horse penis (45cm); all available at newly opened rare meat themed eatery AKIBA ゲテQ/AKIBA GeteQ. This via Ota-Suke – be sure to check out all their photos of the place if you find this hard to believe, or just want to look at more frozen horse penis (45cm), or little balls thereof.

I would be delighted to hear this is a fake but it appears not – the photos show more than just the icy member in convincing detail. Are horse penis takoyaki eateries the new maid café? I have mixed feelings about just which is preferable.

  • Anonymous commented on November 8, 2009 14:43

    At the new maid cafes, cosplay maids will eat a horse penis at your table.... More

  • Firetribe commented on August 14, 2009 10:20

    Green Sea Turtle?! *Gasp* Isn't that a globally threatened species?... More


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